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#ifihadglass I will finally have a reason to switch to contact lenses!!

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Bro Wang's baby is so cute. Let's all become a marrow donor.
+san tan +Amy Li +Lingyun Liu +Xiaojun Ma +Xiaoye Lu +Jing Shan +Jing Huang +Rui Tang +Wenxu Tong +Tian Xia
I guess we also need to spread the words ASAP! Send this to your company mailing list please.
My friend Rui Wang's 4 month old baby was diagnosed acute lymphoblastic leukeumia (ALL) (急性淋巴型白血病). He need to find a matching bone marrow ASAP. Please help to register as a bone marrow donor! Thanks!

Ok, making a second testing post now!
My favorite TV shows include:

Big Bang Theory
Kloe & Lamar
House Hunter International
Golf channel's Big break Atlantis

Not necessarily in that order.

Guys, I am making a public post now.
Is it possible if you guys help search for it to see when it will appear in our search results?
+Robbie Ye +Xiaojun Ma +Jing Huang +Jing Shan +xiaoqin ma +Xiaoye Lu +san tan +Amy Li

putting some keywords here so it's easier to search:

Long long time ago, Robbie and Xiaojun are best friends.
Long time ago, San Ge was still single.
Not so long ago, xiaoqin didn't have kid.
Up till now, my golf still sucks!

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Five people playing one guitar.

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We just launched a very cool doodle in Europe. E.g., the Russia homepage:
It is a game written entirely in javascript I think.
And the guy literally sat next to me and finished all this in a week. Not sure if he went home, since he was there the entire time I was in office.

heard this from the jimmy fallon show the other night. obama's 2012 campaign slogan is 'we can't wait!'. so the Republicans responded with his 2008 slogan 'yes we can!'.

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This is really coooooooooooooool

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Interesting talk. The conclusion seems to be that pleasures can be bought by money.
Let's work harder!
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