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Skulzinschitte: a Prologue
In the spirit of my newfound mediocrity, I finally scrape around to the next installment (pre-installment?) of Skullzinschitte. I will finish this report! * Dieter pinched the bridge of his nose, closed his eyes, and shook his head. He stood like that unt...

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Skulzinschitte: The Harvesters of Chaos
In our last post, we considered the glorious throng of the Doomlord himself, Dieter Helsnicht. In this next (but hardly final) instalment of our exploration of 4th edition, we cast our eyes to his hated enemy: Luther Vangross, Champion of Nurgle. But then I...

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Skulzinschitte: The Dread Throng of the Doomlord
So the last time I wrote, I mentioned a battle report. I know. I know . It was all very exciting - in August. But now it's October, and your incessant inner monologue is probably voicing an opinion about those who chose to skip September. If it makes you fe...

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A Brief (hah!) Note of Thanks.
I imagine that around about this time every year, the people (or machines, quite possibly, but then the post doesn't work so well, so stick with people even if you know better) over at Google and Facebook get a tiny spike in their impossible sea of statisti...

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Hi.  This is Buster. Yeah. He thinks its a stupid name too. Someone would name a dog Buster. One could name a board game Buster. Hell, it could even be a brand of condom. Sometimes its little things like names that change a man's life. Sticks and stones and...

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Dear Bear
So there's this thing happening over at the Oldhammer Forum. You'll need to read that to understand what this is about. I'll wait. It's a good thing. It should be supported. So I've supported it. Here's my entry: * "I think you've got the wrong idea there...

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Weazil The Wise commented on a post on Blogger.
So you're chiefly interested in an elf with a bow? Or a melnibonean with a bow? If you tell us more about how you see this character, I'll have a dig and see if I can find a suitable elf for you (seems like you're leaning towards a melnibonean archer)...

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Hi all

With just on two weeks to go until BOYL 2014, I just wanted to remind any that are still interested in attending to please register, so that we can predict the catering requirements. We won't use the data collected for any other purposes (not that much is collected) and the primary purpose for the registration is to determine table availability and catering requirements.

You can register here:



Just thought I'd share the news: 

From Bryan Ansell:
Kevin Adams has kindly offered to sculpt a special Oldhammer Goblin for the event. He is pushing the putty as I speak. Assuming we get it cast up on time everyone will get a free one on the day. We will cast up a hundred and probably sell any leftovers off.


Can't be any worse than facebook, so I'm in! Cheers for setting it up. I'm hearing the possibility for some WFRP or something? Also, probably a much easier way to organise events and similar in the future if we can get all the organisers and participants on line at the same time. 
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