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I've earned the Sojourner medal in #Ingress.
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I also got some resonators and bursters !
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Glenn Jordan

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I was really enjoying the new OnePlusOne, but I dropped it.

I wonder if it can be repaired ?

I usually fix my own Android devices, but not sure there are parts available for the OPO. Time to hook up a Bluetooth device and try to factory reset it to clear my account info and data.

Hopefully I will have a working OPO again in a few weeks, though a display replaceme,t might cost about as much as a new device. Till then, I am stuck on my VLG G3.
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Glenn Jordan

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Splash resistance add-on for TrueSmart - Take 1...

I need a tighter glove with more material down the wrist, OK, but you get the point. Maybe a balloon would work better, or a...uh....never mind that.

I just want to be able to go kayaking with mine when the weather warms up.
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Silicone might be a bit more flexible and less sticky. The need for such sealants at all is a real shame and a sign of poor design.
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I've earned the Gold Sojourner medal in #Ingress.

I got a pink portal shield on this hack, too !
I value the portal shield more.

Then I blew up the portal.
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+Ruben Vargas ha, I bet I get Platinum Sojourner before you do ! I will really try to...even if it means getting outside to some portal every single day.
Once I have achieved that glorious achievement, I will have all the mewit bwadges I need for L16 !
All I will need then is some more points from actually playing Ingress. Hmmm...there must be some way to get those too.
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Glenn Jordan

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Just like Omate did !

Samsung introduces Swarovski-encrusted Gear S (because crystals make everything look better)
Swarovski crystals on a smartphone? Meh. On a smart watch? Why, now you're talking Samsung! The company has introduced a version of the Samsung Gear S that has Swarovski crystals encrusted on the watch band.
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Juan B
Samsung The New Copycat! 
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Glenn Jordan

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A shaper showed up in Asheville.
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+Daniela Duerbeck that is just misleading propaganda ADA has injected into the glyph stream.
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Glenn Jordan

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Home portal of the Milano Lampadine for the first multinational Niantic event.
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Excellent authentic Northern Italy food. Their pizzas are exceptionally tangy and crisp. Compares well with food we ate in Bergamo. Unusual and worth a visit.
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Met Alison by chance. She graciously introduced my son and I to a way to reconnect to the energy of the earth and shed pent up tension. The technique was remarkably effective even with just this introduction. I recommend her as a healer and teacher.
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