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Glenn Jordan
I like to take things apart and figure them out.
I like to take things apart and figure them out.
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I noticed a contractor's truck on Clark Avenue this week here in Raleigh. They were laying AT&T fiber out into the neighborhoods. This is the area between NCSU and Meredith College. It looked like progress was well advanced.

Meanwhile, the Google Fiber Hut on Wade Avenue near Hymettus Woods just sits there, quietly. Not much going on.

So, AT&T fiber may become available in this area well before Google Fiber does.

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My ZENWATCH2 large is no longer charging reliably.

I think something might be wrong with the original charging cable, because when I press it into the back of the watch it seems to sometimes help the charging initiate and go for a while, a few percent. I can't sit there holding it, though.

It looks to me like the outer two pins are not out as far as the two closer to the cable. They also are not springy like the ones further out are. How does your cable look ? Are there two pins further out and two pins less so ?

Maybe I should contact Asus or something ?

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Added photos to OLW's Global Portal Survey.

I just noticed, the XM pools are back around our local portals. Also, I bumped a L6 go L7 and the XM respawned right away around it.

I haven't seen this posted yet, sorry if it's old news. The XM drought is over ?

Does anyone still run the ASUS ZenWatch Manager program with their ZW2 anymore ?

It seems like there is not much reason to, anymore, since most of the useful features it "unlocks" are already available already in Wear 1.4.

It is nice to be able to make calls using the ZW2 speaker !

It seems that LePen did not approve of my comments on the proven past unreliability of his Omate company in the Omate Developers community, because I am no longer a member after my post and I cannot rejoin.

I guess he controls that community ?

In any case, I wish buyers who have bought in to his current scam a Merry Christmas, and I hope some of their current and upcoming disappointments with the current new TrueSmart and its "support" will provide them with a measure of wisdom to carry forward.

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I've earned the Sojourner medal in #Ingress.
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