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The Box
This project we were assigned was probably the most meaningful and something everyone should do, we had to make a time capsule. The outside mine might not be that much but they are my favorite colors especially the blue. Also about the outside that might be...

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Finally Here
In one week my class and I will finally be graduating and stepping into the real world. It's crazy to think how we're not going to be just those high school teenagers, we will be in the real world. High school was an amazing experience; showing what task yo...

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Lighting The Flame (Short Story)
James's world was turning grey to black. Every other day that went by the darker the space around him turned. He lived his life in loneliness and responsibility, since his mother was never home because she was working all the time to support herself, James,...

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You Create Your Own Grace & Nature
In this project we chose five random fortune cookies and had to pick one of them to inspire this drawing/collage we had to create. With this fortune, "You have a natural grace and great consideration for others" spoke out to me then another one because I be...

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Health, Style, Class
Art x3 was one of the most exciting projects that was assigned to us. We would do a part of a collage that would have a celebrity background to it. My original one that I had created had to do with the lost of time celebrities go through since they are alwa...

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Be Your Own Anchor
The anchor in general has an amazing background, it can we a normal anchor thats on a boat to stop it, or an anchor could be within yourself to, to stop and find yourself. Everyone should be their own anchor instead of having someone else be, because you ca...

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Blue Collage
The collection that our art class brought in was an ocean of blue. With all these items that we're brought in we use and do in our daily lives. The blue vans shoe is something everyone wears to get through the day, maybe not that type of show but everyone h...

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Collecting VS Hoarding
Collecting Vs Hoarding could go in many ways. Some people may agrue they are the samesamething because both are an obession over a certain item or items. But, these are hos the definitions differ. Collecting is to bring together in a group or mass; gather; ...
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