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Tom Timmerman
Social Worker - Children's Home Society
Social Worker - Children's Home Society

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I'm not for zero sugar at all. A cookie or cupcake here and there is great. The problem is food companies have done too good of a job at hiding how much sugar we're actually eating in our normal diet. Somehow we still feel like we need to have a dessert or two here and there when sugar has been pumped into everything we eat. They know it's addicting and they know what it does to us.

Cutting Sugar for 9 Days Made Kids Look Healthier: Study

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I like free stuff
Ok, I've got one extra Amazon Kindle FIRE left, and its too late to return it. So I'm giving it away!

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Yeah Carl! About time he gets recognized.

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This kind of thing makes me feel a little better about being too poor to afford a smart phone.
Everybody is denying they have had any direct relationship with Carrier IQ!!!
#IQ #Mobile #Wiretapping #Apple #Android #Nokia #Samsung

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It's so important to be educated on what is happening around you.
Judge Napolitano - What if?

This amazing commentary is worth listening to. In his speech he touches on so many of the things that have gotten out of hand with our government and the way it has strayed away from the constitution. This is the best rant I've heard since the now infamous Dylan Ratigan speech.

This particular video was aired on November 24th but I found a copy of either that speech or one very close to it that was posted back on September 29th. You can read it here:

Thanks to +Euro Maestro for sharing the video with me.

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I'm not saying we need a revolution and new constitution, but I hate the fact that this has not been in the news here. This is pretty big news to be completely overlooked by our media.
Icelanders have quietly carried out a revolution by toppling a weak government, drafting a new constitution and seeking to jail those responsible for the country's economic debacle.

This is the example we could learn from.

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I like the focus on education. It is hard to disagree with that.

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It's too bad that we keep hearing about our rights getting trampled on, but we are not getting any follow-up on whether or not the officers are being reprimanded in any way. Since when is the first amendment able to be set aside and all you get is a "sorry, you can go now" when a judge with any common sense sees what is happening? How much longer can they keep doing this before there is a penalty or some sort of deterrent for other police precincts to see this is not okay?

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I've watched the video and anyone could have made it. It will be very interesting to see if this and much more goes down on the 5th of November. Any other plans that have been declared out there?
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