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Don't worry about your money running out. Worry about your faith running out.
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I second that. Hebrews 11

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Hope running out is so much more tragic! You can get more money, but finding more faith is a bigger challenge!
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Hi Randy.I'm Ildiko Csötönyi,from Hungary.Thanks for the videos, I love it.I hope you still give me lots of useful video for us.Unfortunately, I do not speak English.Why can not I register on your site.But on my bulletin board in the dream away,Than that person,who in want to attract my life.:-)))More good luck to you.Ildikó
Dear Randy Gage,
I hope you're getting along really well.
well, I'm just a student and I wanna be like you, a multimillionaire. My friends are working with the company named Gamma Network International Ltd ( I want to make sure if this company is legal and is working according to DSA policies.
I'd really appreciate your help.
Great point Randy! We always tend to get this the wrong way round!
+Randy Gage get your a$$ back to Google Plus this is a great platform for you. I bought 6 new books because of you - I had read 4 of the others on your list. Strongly recommend "Outwitting the Devil" by Napoleon Hill.
Oh yes! True True True. I need a lot more Faith. But I can use a little more money too:)
may want to add some personal examples how you facilitate clients
It sounds like you had a talk with our pastor from this morning's sermon!
.Have a Great Sunday Night!
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