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Thursday LinkFest
1 - First up, FoIB Dana Beezley-Smith has a really powerful post on her blog about the actual, real-world impact that ObamaCare has had on the individual insurance market. While various pundits and pols criticize (often justifiably) on the Republican's late...

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Tweeting up a storm
For those unfamiliar with the term, a Tweetstorm is a series of short messages posted in a string (a function of the Twittter's 140 character per message limit). These are often annoying, but two recent 'storms' are really great reads. Both are from Friends...

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Health "Care" Fraud Bust: By The Numbers
Courtesy ForAmerica : [click to embiggen]

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It's Time To Fully Implement Obamacare
Enough of the BS already. Obamacare can't and won't be repealed without 60 votes in the Senate. Any Republican alternative claiming to replace Obamacare that takes away money from states won't pass either. Instead of trying to do the same thing over and ove...

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BREAKING: Potential Reprieve for Baby Charlie
" US doctor will travel to UK to assess ill infant " That's the good news. The not-so-great news is that he isn't scheduled top head there until next week, so who knows if Charlie will still even be alive then. Still, small miracles...

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A Tale of Two Health Systems…
It was the best of times; it was
the worst of times in the area of Medicine for two countries. One country had a health system
that was based on the capitalistic principals of supply and demand. Because of
the entrepreneurial system, Medical Care was valued...

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Tuesday LinkFest
■ First up, courtesy of FoIB Holly R: Just released USA Today poll on Obamacare: 11% keep it 42% fix it with major changes 44% repeal — Ben Ferguson (@benfergusonshow) July 10, 2017 ■ Next, our friend Allison B at ThinkAdvisor piles on: " Individual Health ...

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SEP News (Sorta)
As we've previously noted, the qualification process for triggering a Special Open Enrollment have gotten tougher as carriers have been hot with ever higher claims: " Perhaps the most egregious is the fact that no one in government seems to care about the m...

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Stupid "Beneficiary" Trick
A few years ago, we reported on a "widow" who tried to collect on her husband's life insurance policy. The challenge? He wasn't dead , and the woman was charged with fraud. But at least the perp had her paperwork in order. Not so with this rocket surgeon wa...

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Breaking: A Reprieve for Baby Charlie?
Via RedState : " In an abrupt shift, a London hospital said on Friday that it would reconsider its decision to turn off life support for Charlie Gard, a brain-damaged and terminally ill British infant, in light of “fresh evidence” about a potential treatmen...
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