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I will be running a "Thesis of change" game next friday evening. If you're interested, chime in! :)

Game Description:
Last time our "heroes" (a group of mafiosi can be called that?) turned over to the police a perfect scapegoat, so Enzo's head is, for the time being, safe. But Enzo's not specially happy, as Chili (the scapegoat) was most assuredly a pawn, and wants you guys to dig further.
Also of note, and as starting clues:

- You have Chili's confession that was contracted by a guy named Harry Callahan, that seemingly operated from a centric hotel (the Plaza)
- You have the address of the warehouse where the augments were stored.
- The newsfeeds say that all defective augments are from the same company, a startup called Cybercorp.
Dare you find who's behind all this shit? Tune up on my Roll20 room next friday at 6:00 CST (sat 0:00 GMT)!

Hello again!

I'm happy to announce that I will be running a D6xD6 game on Bilbao Rock and Rol (

I imagine there are not many members of this group living near Bilbao, but if you know anyone who will be interested in checking D6xD6, feel free to pass the message.

Cheers :)

Hello fellow D6xD6'ers (We have to suggest a more pronouncable name)

I have news to announce. James Brooks is restarting a weekly friday evening session, where we will rotate settings and try different scenarios.

I will be posting the schedule as soon as it is available but the first one will be a conclusion of "Space Jacked", a "Invasion of the Saucer People" scenario. It will take place the Friday 13th at 6pm CST (0:00 GMT, adjust your clocks accordingly ;) ).

There are few seats available for this particular setting but there will be more openings for the next ones. If youre interested you can request to join James' Room at

If you have any questions feel free to ask ;)

Cheers, Abe

Any chance of anyone running an impromptu D6xD6 Game this evening? ?

Or anyone interested in testing a cyberpunk setting?

Accounting hour difference... Would 6PM Central time (00:00 UTC) be okay?

Having played already several sessions, I find the only thing I can't quite like in D6xD6 is how the failure is handled, or to be more precise, the fact that it seems there is no way to improve the odds of a roll, short of spending Drama points.

Maybe I'm to used to FATE, where are several alternatives, to cite a couple examples:
- spending a scene or two separated from the group because you're setting up a skill that can be long played -like Investigating a scene, or following a person, or making up a dress. That in FATE is equal to one free increment for each time increment you set up (there is a "sorta logarithmic" table, so you can't skip three scenes and gain three increments)
- taking a consequence (lasting damage). I think that example I've only seen in the "Dresden files" setting, applied to magic, but, let's say you set up to dish damage while taking it, for example, or you can spend "life energy" to power up that spell, or you manage to rescue the girl from the fire, but not fast enough to leave unscathed.

What are your opinion, guys? You think something similar could be applied into D6xD6? Maybe is already there but I overlooked it?

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Para que veáis lo mucho que me importa Google+, lo apunto a Spam
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Noches locas en el minusa
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