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Free, wild fractal-nonlinear humor fiction @
Free, wild fractal-nonlinear humor fiction @

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Douglas Adams' humor is one of the closest styles to Frangles.  [Insert witty blurb here elaborating and vindicating this claim, i.e. putting our mouth where our Vogons are.  Oh wait, we just did!  Or attempted to, anyway...  Perhaps using a cliche and throwing in a random relevant keyword ("Vogon", not "i.e." or "putting" or "our", etc.) has nothing to do with humor whatsoever... or maybe just bad humor.  Can this post be edited later because that would be an excellent idea.  But, alas, one of the founding pillars of frangles is rancid and all-powerful procrast-- never mind, I'll finish typing that would later, er, "word" later I mean.  Are you feeling the laziness?  And the funniest?

Please share, follow, subscribe, like, up, down, to the side, over the hill, through the woods and all around and about whatever sort of things go on around here, us.  There's sure to be more of this infectious humor infecting every post and thing we do here, and you don't want to miss a towel.  See?  We said "towel".  We are so in tune with Terry Pratchett, sorry, Douglas Adams, that we can pull terms out of the most obscure and desolate corners of his stories that nobody, ever, could possibly know about unless they had combed his writing a million times and developed a similar writing style (i.e. the term "towel", not "." or "See" or "," etc.)  Let's see, what other Douglas Adams words do we know... "ship"?  "Galaxy"?.. "Hitchhiker"!!

[Wait, did we contrive-keyword Terry Pratchett yet?  Excuse me while I go google him...  Wait, what was I googling?  Towel Pratchett?  Trachett?  Vroglett?  AJKFJ?  Why are you still reading this?  You could be doing something better with your time, like sharing, following, liking, upping, downing, to the siding, frosting frosting*, baconing, vacumming, toweling, tuning, etc., etc....

[* FYI: it is generally impossible to frost frosting; you frost cake, not frosting.  Just like you bake bread, not toast or muffins.  [FYI #2: There was one more keyword I wanted to throw into this post... uh...urm..ADHD!!!  ADHD!!  Now you know we know Douglas Ad--adhd?  Douglas Adhd Pratchett Python Monty carlo los vegetable ADD Monty Python sorry too much keywording.  Did we say "free"?  "Free fiction" is a great keyword.  We're still in a footnote in case you've forgotten.  Let's end it.  Or at least threaten to continue it (i.e. until you share, boot, loosen, flog, and/or flupluple us... and yourself...)

80 bucks if you can remember how many nested brackets we're still inside right now.  [Hint, it's 4, er, now 5]]]]]
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