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Frank Pray
Employee Rights Attorney "Fighting for the Little Guy."
Employee Rights Attorney "Fighting for the Little Guy."
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Becoming No-Thing to Allow The Divine One Thing
Ever try to passionately love anyone or anything according to "the rules," whatever those might be? Of course, that effort failed, hopefully sooner rather than later.  Intimacy has a "letting go" element that is central to a passionate love encounter.  Too ...

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Baby Talk
God is a gracious holy God who loves us with such grace that He entertains our puny thoughts in a dialogue.  The whole story of redemption is so unlikely and incredible, and is an impenetrable mystery of God’s love.  But within that story, the idea that God...

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e-Knuth Email Already! Learned Ludite Steps Off the Email Train in 1990.
To commemorate a pioneer's coming to a personal point of sanity 25 years ago .    by  Maureen Mullarkey   In  Art of Refusal   found in "First Things" Magazine Donald Knuth needs no
introduction to computer geeks. He is a world-renowned computer scientist,

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Filling Space
I know she’s foreign land She speaks another tongue Singing with another band But that woman bangs my drum. Across the open seas An East-West mystery: We kiss as we please, So deliriously. Too much talk filling space Too much mouth on her face When a simple...

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Mystics or Madmen?
I am ever amazed at how we Christians use the term “Christ” or “Jesus” as if we could really point him out in a crowd.  A "christ" is a messiah — a role to be played in the eschatology of Christianity. But Jesus of Nazareth — a man whose body had a space ti...

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Warrior Reborn
shores of my heart Beat with the waves of your love. I am a desert man traveling to the water’s
edge I stand with the cool infinite rhythms of
you Needing and loving me. I awake from illusions Of long dry unworthiness To know the quickened passion In th...

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These aches are death’s messengers. They arrive daily with updates. “I get it,” I say impatiently. But in the inverted process of gestation, They relentlessly restate and amplify. “Don’t take it personally,” they say. Which is fine, except it is “I” who die.
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