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Walnut to polish wooden items
Remove scratched marks from wooden items by rubbing a walnut on it. Leave it for several minutes, then using a soft cloth, gently polish over the area.

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Tip on drilling holes on wall to hang things
When you have to hang something with exact holes, photocopy the back and use as a template. Credits : Building & Decor SA

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How to Choose Veggies
Some fresh produce can be tricky to buy - especially when you can't see what's on the inside.  Read more .....  Asparagus Look
For: Firm and green stalks, especially at the ends. As the tips are the
first to turn bad, check that they are compact and not d...

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Singapore Public Holidays 2015
Singapore Public Holidays 2015 Singapore Public Holidays 2015

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Reuse Tic Tac boxes
Picture credits : Home Design

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Remove price tag residue
Use a humble pencil eraser to remove the residue left from the price tag. Just rub it away.

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Easy way to peel mandarin orange
Picture credits : JewelPie
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