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Trevor Stone (Ranger Stonebeard)
Programmer, philosopher, nerd, polyatheist, gamer, ranger, photographer, drummer, naturalist, Coloradan, trickster, outlier.
Programmer, philosopher, nerd, polyatheist, gamer, ranger, photographer, drummer, naturalist, Coloradan, trickster, outlier.

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The DOCUMERICA project of the EPA had freelance photographers capture what America looked like in 1973. Not all of the pictures are polluted, and there are some beautiful places and interesting people. And then there's this prototype energy-efficient (electric?) car. It looks like a hoot to drive. via

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Prior to I hadn't noticed the small "Central Western Time Zone" near the border of Western Australia and South Australia. The roughly 200 residents of the area are roughly halfway between Perth and Adelaide, so apparently they decided their clocks should be 45 minutes ahead of Perth and 45 minutes behind Adelaide.

This was also my first time reading about the Nullarbor (Latin for "no trees") Plain, which sounds like the sort of large and sparse desert that I would enjoy traveling through.

Three weeks ago, I left myself a note in Google Keep that says
Taiwan Oregon Mr TPP
I have absolutely no idea what that means.

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There are a lot of really good sounds and instrumentation in this album. The melodies and beats have good variation, creating a nice mood. Altogether it creates a really nice auditory experience.

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I've been planning to focus my activism activities this year on building support for a program for climate change that can get enough support to pass in Washington. There are several groups advocating for a revenue-neutral carbon tax, and I'm very excited to see that this is being proposed to the administration. Even if Trump is reticent, this is an approach that–if the people activate around the country–could get enough congressional support to overcome a veto. And if the revenue neutral mechanism is a dividend to the people it may appeal very strongly to Trump's base.

Humanity is my ingroup.

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There's a lot of good insights in this article about how Trump and other players may drive America away from democracy. If you're getting warn down by the day-to-day intensity of the first two weeks, this is an excellent read for the long term and what to watch out for.

Frum (a former George W. Bush speechwriter) argues that 21st Century power grabs aren't like the ones from the mid-20th Century that we've all studied. It happens not through sudden suspension of rights and imposition of martial law: it happens through slow disregard for laws and institutions and creation of a system where personal connections are more important than due process.

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There's a bunch of good stuff in this post.
In follow-the-money news, Trump was offered 19% of the Russian state oil company if he became president and lifted sanctions. In December, 19.5% of that company was sold to a complex set of shell companies.
While we're protesting everything else, let's make sure to demand transparency and accountability for Trump, his family, and his businesses.

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You know it's a movement when the landscape gets involved.

Initial Meeting of the National Parks Revolutionary Coordinating Committee
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