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How do you start a story?
There are many ways to start a story, of course. There are many ways to do all the things you have to do to write good fiction. But my way is I start with a character and situation. I try to make, inherent in that character and situation, a conflict and the...

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How you begin & How you develop the Beginning--a strategy
•How to begin Character
in a situation…and the situation must have potential for CONFLICT • A boy
and a girl from warring families fall in love. (this may have been done once or
twice) • A
boy’s father dies and he suspects it’s murder—worse that his uncle i...

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Conflict--an interview
Instructor Q&A: Brian Yansky Posted by  Writers' League Staff “We read fiction to see characters struggle and overcome or fail to overcome the conflict in their stories.” -Brian Yanksy Brian Yansky is teaching a class for the Writers’ League of Texas called...

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Why do I write?
Sometimes I wonder why I have this compulsion to create characters, to worry over a sentence, to make stories.  Why do I do it?  There are many answers. A list of them wouldn't be hard to make. But there's also no clear answer. Why do we love the things we ...

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How to Begin...
So there are many, many ways to begin a novel. Some people start with ideas--I do sometimes--and their process is to attract other ideas and build characters and story from this idea beginning. Others start with a bit of story--this happened so... They make...

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One Simple Way to Help You Write Better Fiction(language)
I think the tell and show problem happens because in the throes of creation we're grasping for main points of action and reaction and variations of them. We want to get them down before we lose them. I do this. A lot. So what happens is we get the structure...

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Once I know the ending, and sometimes this takes me a while, a draft even, I can start figuring out how to design my novel. I need to know where I'm going  to know how to get there, to make every scene work toward that destination. Endings, so important.

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Write like You. Who can do that better?
Most important? Write like you. Who can do that better? Find your way of expressing your way. It's hard at first. New writers often want to write like the writers they love. They mimic them in various ways. That's OK. Writers will get past trying to be the ...

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Take What Your Stories Give You
Big Believer in Boom Factor I've written about the martial art of writing. I've done martial arts and I noticed that writing is like it in this way: you have to do a lot of things at once without thinking when you write. You can do this because you've studi...
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