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Fran Lewis
Worked at Board of Ed. New York city/author
Attended Hunter College, Lehman College, Manhattan College
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educator, talk show host on book discussion on blog talk radio, author, online interviewer, book reviewer, manuscript advice, writer
  • Board of Ed. New York city/author
    reading and writing staff developer, author, reviewer and more
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Biography: Fran Lewis


 Born in the South Bronx, I grew up with people from many ethnic backgrounds. I learned to play and work with children in my school that came from other countries and different places.

I was always over weight as a child and got picked on a lot by the other children in my class and even my teachers. I found it hard to do many of the sporting activities that my sister and cousins could do. I learned at an early age that kids can be mean and I promised myself that I would never retaliate or do mean things to other kids in return.



When I decided to write my short stories I realized that I had a lot to say about my youth and in both of my books I tell about a ten year old girl named Bertha who learns to deal with real life issues kids face today at home and in school. I write reviews for other sites and I wrote three children’s books and currently writing one on Alzheimer’s Disease.


As an educator I the New York City Public Schools for over 36 years, I realized just how unique and precious our children are. I was the reading and writing staff developer in my school and the dean. I loved the children and had the respect of my fellow teachers and parents.


Teaching children to read was really very rewarding and introducing them to writing and creating their own stories was exciting for the students. I am a member of WhosWho of America’s Executives and Professionals as well as a member of WhosWho of America’s Teachers. I am the author of three children’s books and my fourth entitled Memories Are Precious: Alzheimer’s Journey: Ruth’s Story will be out next month. I am currently writing my fourth Bertha Book and a second on cognitive ways to keep your brain alert. The tentative title is Sharp as a Tack or Scrambled Eggs: Which Describes Your Brain. This book will deal with how we should help those who are seniors keep their minds and bodies active as well as ways to help delay dementia and Alzheimer’s.


I review books for Manic Readers, I and I review books for authors upon request and  never ask for money for doing my reviews. I have never gotten paid. I wrote seven books. Six of my books are self-published and my seventh will be out this month and has been picked up by a tradtional publisher. Memories are Precious is dedicated to my mom who had Alzheimer''s, Sharp as Tack to the memory of my sister and Because We Care to both my mom and sister's memories. The proceeds for these three books will be donated to Montefiore/Einstein hospital to find the real cause for Alzheimer's and Traumatic Brain Injury. 


I host two radio shows on Red River Radio. The first is a book discussion where I interview or ask authors questions about their writing and books along with a book club panel to ask additional questions. I am going to host a show for children’s and Ya authors starting in August. I have been interviewed many times. I will be interviewed on D’s Roundtable on August 19th at and page Page Readers on Sept. 27th at three. My book discussion show is the third Wed. of every month at one eastern and my children’s author’s show will be four times a year. I am also going to interview Dr. Kenneth Weene on Sept. 21st at four. I had to reschedule the interview due to personal reasons. We will discuss the inside scoop about insane asylums and his career working in one plus his book Memoirs from an Asylum.


I hope this gives you a picture of what I do. Fran


I am a reading and writing staff developer and I worked with children with reading and writing disabilities.










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Talk show host, wrote six books, book reviewer and teacher of the year, awards from parents and great reviews
  • Hunter College, Lehman College, Manhattan College
  • reading and learning disabilities, music, administration and supervision, education
The customer service is way below par. Those in charge and that answer your calls are rude, unprepared and have no knowledge of the products. Reading from a script that cannot deviate from what they are programmed to relate to customers. If you ask a simple question or request an explanation they are incapable of answering it. They need to reread the script, follow what they are told to say and if you need someone in authority they pretend to find the person but never relay the message. When promised a follow up call don't stand by the phone. In general this company is poorly staffed, poorly run and those that service you are quite unprofessional. It is a simple as asking to be addressed in a certain way and having them ignore you. When dealing with one medication they prefer that you ask for prior authorization for something you need for your own health and welfare but they decide that you should take a generic or something else. Why? Cost of course. Due to this fact I took out another plan, decided to spend the extra money just to not have to deal with Express Scripts. Those in the upper echelon really have no idea about how to handle simple every projects and the everyday workings of this company. Unfortunately, the customer suffers.
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The staff at Blinds to Go answered all of our questions, presented us with quotes for all of our selections and were upfront and honest about the price, the installation costs and more. Michael, the man who installed and measured the blinds was professional, accurate in his measurements and completed the installation in a timely fashion. Rey was really well informed about the products and his customer service skills were outstanding. I would definitely recommend Blinds to Go and will announce Hartsdale Location on my next radio show as being the business of the month. Fran Lewis
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Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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