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Luke Hutchison
TED Fellow; PhD in CS, MIT CSAIL
TED Fellow; PhD in CS, MIT CSAIL

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Who knew the US would need an underground railroad again?

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I just signed up as a science advisor for the Science & Entertainment Exchange, to try to help end bad science in movies and TV!

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Important article by Garry Kasaparov and Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation: "At present, the authoritarianism business is booming. [53 percent of the world's population] are currently controlled by tyrants, absolute monarchs, military juntas or competitive authoritarians. [...] Statistically, then, authoritarianism is one of the largest — if not the largest — challenges facing humanity. Dictators and elected authoritarians [...] get a free pass. The World Bank bails out repressive regimes on a regular basis. There is no anti-tyrant U.N. task force, no Sustainable Development Goals against tyranny, no army of activists. [...] The noble struggle against tyranny has fallen upon individual activists and dissidents living under authoritarian rule or working from exile. [...] As individuals living in a free society, we believe it is our moral obligation to take action to expose human rights violations and to use our freedom to help others achieve theirs."

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If you care about refugees, read this. Heartbreaking in so many ways. (This is not just about Denmark.)

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How have I not seen this before? Jeff Bezos' Regret Minimization Framework.

Excerpt from an email sent out by L. Rafael Reif to the MIT community. There's a powerful message here.
Today, we learned that we will have a new administration in Washington that promises a great deal of change. [...] As I saw this afternoon, students have wrapped the six great columns in Lobby 7 with huge sheets of paper. Three ask that you "Share Your Hopes," three to "Share Your Fears." They are covered with handwritten responses. People are lingering to read and add their own. Many say they fear for the future of the country, some for their personal safety, for their civil rights or that "my values no longer matter." Others fear that their peers will never take the time to understand why they voted for the winner. One hope struck me in particular: "I hope to understand the 48% of Americans who disagree with me." Nearly all the writers express some kind of pain. Yet together they have created a wonderful example of mutual respect and civil dialogue. Whatever may change in Washington, I believe there is great power in remembering that it will not change the values and the mission that unite us. [...] we do some of our best work when we turn outward to the world. Let's continue to do that now. And, following our students' lead, let us find ways to listen to one another – with sympathy, humility, decency, respect and kindness.

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Just a Southwest flight attendant in an overhead locker.

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Some very good statistical summaries of in-progress vote counting by the NYT. Anyone know how these results are updating in real time like this? (The numbers change a few times a second.) And what has happened in the last couple of hours to the prediction as to who is going to win?

Publishing #election exit poll stats while people are still voting should be illegal. The Heisenberg Principle: you can't observe a system without changing it.

Voting for a third party is not throwing away your vote if it means you're not violating your conscience.
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