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Jeff Wright
Following Jesus the Christ. Allied with the uniquely beautiful kingdom of God.
Following Jesus the Christ. Allied with the uniquely beautiful kingdom of God.


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People, Not Issues
What happens to individuals after issues are won and lost
in the political arena? For instance: when immigration bans are enacted,
then put on hold, and then finally settled (Supreme Court?), what
happens to the people affected by a ban or lack of a ban?...

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The Prophetic Voice of Libertarian Christians
The election of Donald J. Trump as the 45 th President of
the United States will be a catalyst for various sorts of changes in
America. One political adjustment is already occurring. This can be seen
in the millions of Americans who opposed specific acti...

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“We” Don’t Know Who “We” Are
I recently attended our city council’s monthly public meeting. My
daughter needed to sit in and take notes for a school assignment so I
went with her. The meeting was well-attended, no doubt, due to this
project. A local Boy Scout troop opened the meetin...

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So You’d Be A Libertarian If It Weren’t For Abortion and Gay Marriage?
Many libertarian Christians, like me, were once conservatives. Many
of our friends and family, likewise, are conservative Christians. Often I
hear, through comments on social media or personal conversations, that
the most common objections to libertarian...

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Conservative and Libertarian Christians: Worldview Allies or Enemies?
I am so glad my colleague Norman Horn, founder and President of the
Libertarian Christian Institute (LCI), was given a chance to debate well-known evangelical leader and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
President, Albert Mohler. Dr. Mohler has been o...

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Pro-Life At Home But Not Abroad
Christians Need To Broaden Their Pro-Life Horizons Conventional wisdom says that a Republican candidate for President
will almost certainly not win the nomination unless they are
sufficiently pro-life. Mitt Romney and now Donald Trump have gone to
great ...

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Religious Purity Tests Not Working So Well For Christian Conservatives
Erick Erickson just doesn't know which Jesus Jerry Falwell, Jr. is worshiping . Over at Ted Cruz's new campaign site , I mean, Erick Erickson's new website, The Resurgent , Erickson expressed his concern that Falwell just hasn't thought through how to recon...

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On White Privilege II
Race, Injustice, and the Single Garment of Destiny Original Despite what Macklemore says, we honor people when we actually afford them the dignity of being responsible for their own successes and shortcomings. We dishonor people when we invent special rules...
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