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Interesting thought copied from another forum:
Could it be that the radionuclides still being released from the 3/11/11 triple meltdown and all the ongoing Fukushima radioactive debris burning is changing the ionization of our clouds and thereby our weather?
I suspect the closer a people are to Japan, the more this question would be important.
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I have heard many people speak of HAARP.  i consider it to be a conspiracy theory where people see different phenomena, believe them to be related, but cannot prove it.
I saw this in an NRC forum.  The official moderator response:
NRC Response: Your question suggests that there is an ongoing burning of radioactive debris, perhaps from the event or of an intentional man-made nature, at the Fukushima Dai-ichi facility. That is not the case. The three damaged reactor cores, which were the source of prior radionuclide releases, are currently being maintained in a safe, cold shutdown condition and are not actively releasing significant amounts of radionuclides into the atmosphere around the facility. Tokyo Electric Power Company and government of Japan personnel are at the site actively cleaning up damage caused by the event and performing construction activities. These activities may be stirring up small amounts of previously-deposited radionuclides, but they would not go any distance at all before settling out again. So there is no active source for any meaningful ongoing release of radionuclides into the upper atmosphere from the Fukushima Dai-ichi facility. Further, with respect to total inventory of radionuclides released during the Fukushima Dai-ichi event, the vast majority were either (1) transported into the ocean through the movement of contaminated water or (2) deposited locally on Japanese soil in the vicinity of the Fukushima Dai-ichi facility. The amounts of radionuclides which have been transported to the United States, either through the atmosphere or ocean, are insignificant with respect to causing adverse human health effects or effects on the environment. So, in summary, no, radionuclides released by the Fukushima Dai-ichi event are not having any measureable effect on our weather.
Just because something can not be proven does not mean it doesn't exist it merely means that they've covered their tracks. 
+larry buchanan i consider what you just said to be a form of intellectual laziness.  Conspiracy theorists tend to couch their sayings as FACT, not as THEORY or speculation, and then add that the FACTS are because of BAD BEHAVIOR by some EVIL PEOPLE.  There are many things in nature, Volcanoes for example, which are not caused by mankind, but in time, many people may believe they are, thanks to conspiracy theorists, who reject science.
Well then that is the fault of those individuals who do not research. A conspiracy theory is what it is called. A Theory. to take it as fact is ridiculous, I don't view it as lazy I view it as actively criticizing, or the act of scrutinizing. I do not claim to have the facts, I merely said look up HAARP. I did not say "the governments are lying" or "here's the truth" I gave you the information to draw your own conclusions. I tend to be a skeptic, I've learned to not just roll with the punches. And even in your post you say you "suspect the closer a people are to Japan, the more this question would be important" you speak as if facts are around but you don't have them. It's all theoretical until hard evidence can be dispensed and backed up. I personally just love a good theory whether it involves a conspiracy or not. 
In some cases my second comment would be correct. 
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