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+Dave McLean You are probably aware that there are Occupy Wall Street (OWS) activities world wide, in thousands of cities. Here is a circle of #OWS pages. You might want to split them by general geography, combined with my other shared circles contacts similarly, so you can do +TornadoWarning weather alerts based on people in same region. Where most of my shared circles are based on similarity of subject matter and audiences, your results might take from all those circles to have contacts by region of a nation, or the world.
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+Dave McLean for much of today I was reading magazines and newspapers in the waiting room of D Patrick in Evansville, while my chariot got scheduled maintenance. They did a fantastic job, and only charged me labor, because much of it is still under warranty. I have a 2007 Honda Civic which I purchased in 2009 with a nice warranty. I had wanted a used, because of price drop dramatically from new, but sufficiently current to qualify for a good warranty. I got it for $20,000 and bank loan interest of $5,000 which I thought was obscene, so I cashed in a life insurance policy to get it paid off early. So I am navigating their parking lot today, past people who are apparently currently in the market for a replacement chariot, and as someone got out beside me, I informed them that I am a happy customer very impressed with the service I get here, and if you are in the market for a great deal, be aware they have hybrids including new and used. I chose not to get a hybrid because there is no place for me to refuel other than gasoline.
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