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Consider the hypothetical scenario of an individual sitting in a café on US soil, or just walking down a street, where intelligence thinks they are involved with alQaeda or affiliated group, but no evidence of their involvement in any imminent threat at the moment, or they are the 16 year old son of such a person, or a wife cooking a meal for husband who is suspected of being a threat, or neighbor children are playing with children of suspect, or they are a journalist with their cameras in the face of law enforcement trying to do their job, or innocent bystanders trying to be good Samaritans giving first aid to someone they saw getting injured.
We know the CIA and military have killed such persons on foreign soil.
Does the constitution allow the administration to kill those people, in those circumstances inside the USA, without benefit of a court hearing to face the accusations against them?
No said Attny Gen Eric Holder, after a lot of give and take with Sen Ted Cruz R-Tx who said he is going to put that into a bill, and try to have a law mandating that prohibition into the future.   Thou shalt not kill people in the USA, when there is no imminent threat from them.  I will be interested to learn if such a bill can pass Congress.
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Holder said "no intentions", but even if he does not intend to do so doesn't mean he won't.
He also said he was not the only person who makes these decisions.  Plus we can see from other scenarios, like Fast & Furious, that local feds make decisions which Washington DC leadership knows nothing about.  Plus I heard Katrina nonsense coming out of the mouth of a Senator, who has apparently bought into propaganda.
I will have additional posts to share, which are related to this thread, where the people need better airing of how some decisions are reached, and should be reached.
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