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Rick Perry, governor of Texas,and a Republican candidate for President, spent TX taxpayer $35 million to encourage sub-prime mortgage lenders to do their thing with TX home owners. Their thing was risky loans, and foreclosures. They made tens of thousands of dollars contributions to Rick Perry election campaigns.
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While flipping TV channels, I saw part of a speech by Rick Perry.
He thinks that eliminating regulations for corporations will mean more jobs.
I think that eliminating regulations for corporations could return us to pay far below minimum wage, child labor, unsafe working conditions, in the jobs not exported to distant lands.
Politicians are part of the problem and the only way they'll be part of the solution is if we replace ALL of them with non-politicians.
Eliminating regulations would be OK if the corporate world and bankers had been educated in ethics and believed that a moral compass is an essential business attribute. I had a big argument about this in 1967 at the Harvard Business School and it has bothered me for the best part of 50 years!
The problem we have is that there are regulations and laws and ridiculous standards imposed on small businesses that keep them from succeeding. Those need to be revoked. The reason we need regulations on big business is because they believe being as unethical as possible is something to brag about and a great goal. Personally, I would revoke the corporate charter of every corporation that does evil. While that would definitely cause a shakeup it would be worth it in the long run.
+Gail Gardner Many of the laws and regulations are written to say this or that is exempted for companies that have less than 50 employees or less than 100 or less than some other number on the payroll. That sort of rule would make sense to separate small and large companies, were it not for companies with 10 employees on payroll in USA, jobs for 1,000 outsourced to another nation, jobs for 250 via prison labor who do not count as employees, large numbers of workers via some temp agency which does not count as on their payroll either. The definition of small vs. large company needs to be based on something other than number of employees.
It surprised me how quick Perry got into the gop race and rose to the top. This post is news to me as well as his stance on granting tuition breaks to illegal aliens. Im wondering if he's a puppet of big dollar gop supporters that wanted an alternative to Romney and the other colorful gop candidates like Cain, Paul and Bachmann.
+Mike Patty There is also something in the news about Rick Perry hunting lodge. Politicians are not stupid, but often they do stupid things. I wonder why this situation. A conspiracy theorist might think he is catering to the racist voting block, which is pretty large.
+Alister Macintyre Believe it or not its from 1983. A hunting lodge they leased had a racial slur on a rock--I guess that qualifies as news...
+Mike Patty The racial slur had a history comparable to the Klan use of a burning cross. It should have been painted over, or removed, much earlier in his political career. A person running for President will have a media spotlight, so before the spotlight it is wise to hide skeletons which may be in the closet.
+Alister Macintyre The rock was painted over at some point. According to the news, the slur on the rock was tied to the name of the road, but I def hear what youre saying. But a rock from 1983? Why dont they find out if his great great grandparents owned slaves??
While it is a slur today, this word was typically used by cities across the south to inform blacks that if they were found in the cities after dark, they would be killed. He purchased the hunting lodge several years ago, then while in Tx government, often took other Tx politicians and campaign contributors out there. Either they did not know what it meant, or they did not care.
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