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I am not fond of Fox News, but I like this guy.
And where have all the Jeffersonians gone?
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or they will be in the future.
Some police seem to be drones, in how they robotically carry out orders to attack peaceful demonstrators, without reasoning out whether they might be receiving illegal orders.
And even scarier part will be drone equipped with infrared and other technologies that allow taking pictures of the inside of our homes. If they are civilian entities, they don't need a warrant, do they? Could they then turn that information over to a government entity, and could that be evidence in a criminal case?

This is a gray area, as the courts have come down on different sides of the "agency" question (that is, if the private citizen is not acting at the behest of law enforcement at the time information is collected, is it subject to warrant requirements?)...

Not sure...
IR through walls can be good enough to identify the gender of individuals and what (sexual) position they are in...

Recipe for fascism:
1 anti-sodomy law
1 privately operated morality drone
1 conniving prosecutor
There are a lot of allegations, for which I have not seen sources confirming, but then we are dealing with military secrets, then some of those military drones delivered to police departments.
EFF did an FOIA vs. FAA to get a list of what agencies had been issued authorizations to fly over USA, so far.  Big surprise to me was the huge volume of universities, compared to police depts, and other interests.  I am struggling to understand what universities need drones for.
Here is a map of 64 bases inside USA allegedly used to control military and CIA drone usage around the world.[1]  Here is a link to 110 coming.  It also talks about 88 actually operating right now (88-64=24 not on earlier list.).[2] Here is info about CIA bases for drones around the world.[3]
Here is map of Pakistan locations of USA drone strikes.[4]
Here is map of US cities, where various institutions have got FAA approval to fly drones over US airspace.[5]
Color Coding:
Red – Active;
Blue – Expired;
Yellow – Denied.
EFF wants our help gathering info from our local communities regarding what these drones are being used for.[6]
The civilian operations map does not, of course, include classified operations by various branches of the military, CIA, NSA, Customs and Border patrol, FBI, DEA, etc. alphabet soup of agencies, which may be operating from other than the 64 military bases, or 88, or whatever the # is..

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