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Susan is my sister.
WHHS = Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati Ohio

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Measles seems to be making a comeback in the USA.  _About 90 % of people who are not immune, and who are exposed to measles, will get it_
2014 was the worst year for measles since 1994, when there were 958 cases reported to the CDC. Last year there were 644 cases of measles reported in 27 states. 380 cases in 2014 were in an Ohio religious community that doesn't usually vaccinate
People from all over the world travel to Disneyland.  In theory, if they have been vaccinated against Measles, then they are not at risk of getting it, but there are anti-vaccination clusters all over the world, and some of those people also go to Disneyland, so Disneyland is a perfect place for infected kids to pass on diseases to other kids, who then go home, before the symptoms show up, and spread it to those communities.  Should Disneyland refuse admission to people who cannot prove they have been vaccinated?  Many schools do that.
Today there are 78 confirmed measles cases linked to Disneyland in California.
Public health officials recommend that children under 12 months and people who've never had a measles vaccination, stay away from the park while the disease event continues.
There was a declaration that the Disneyland outbreak was over, then more people got it, from there.
Problems appear to include:
·       The growing anti-vaccination anti-science culture. 
1.  The unvaccinated are among us, non-obvious who, like an invisible threat.
2.  Do the anti-science Republicans support the anti-vaccination sub-culture?
·       Over time, diseases mutate to become resistant to medicines and vaccinations.  But so far, this has not happened with measles.
·       Nations have eradicated measles, but it was not eradicated from the world, so it is coming back to nations which have forgotten how serious it can be, so they are not taking effective measures to combat the risks.
·       Medical profession seems to have forgotten to check children for risk of measles.
·       At what age do children get vaccinated?  Babies below that age are at risk.  What are their chances of encountering the unvaccinated population?  Does that age mean a high probability of children at risk located in playgrounds and amusement parks where young children are often expected to be located?  
See graph of # measles by year in USA.
27 states have measles cases.
"The vast majority of our (CDC) cases every single year are unvaccinated people who choose not to be vaccinated. They are living in a family who are unvaccinated and they have friends who are unvaccinated. They might go to a school with a high proportion of people who are unvaccinated."
So, they chose that risk.  What does it matter to the rest of the population if these people kill themselves off?
What is the rate of OTHER people catching it from them?
Do we, as a society, need to mandate that the unvaccinated wear some kind of yellow star on their clothes, so the rest of us know to keep our distance?

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Grand Juries are shown in popular TV shows like Law & Order.  Are those portrayals realistic?  Is a Change of Venue more important when the accused and/or most of the witnesses, are local police, or other authorities?

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The 2nd amendment should give people a right of self-defense during a home invasion, when you don't know the invaders are the police.

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What is penalty if child refuses to divulge password?
Expulsion? Prison Time?

Cyber Bullying is a serious problem, but why can’t a judge issue a warrant to get at data associated with the suspects?  Has the 4th amendment been repealed?

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With Tom Coburn no longer in Congress, it looks like this will pass with overwhelming support in both House and Senate, absolute proof that one person can make a difference, in this case for bad.

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The TSA cut working hours for protection of the public, at the same time that there were heightened threat  alerts.  He was fired for protesting this, but the US Supreme Court ruled in the employee's favor.

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When seconds count, the police are minutes or hours away.
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