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Alister Macintyre

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I am going to be off the air again for a couple days.
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look forward to your return, stay safe :)
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Alister Macintyre

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<p>A NASA camera on Mars has captured what appears to be artificial light emanating outward from the planet's surface.</p> <p>The photo, beamed millions of miles from Mars to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., was taken last week, apparently by one of two NASA rovers on the red planet.</p>
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Martians, of course. They've been waiting for us.
or, reflective mineral.
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Alister Macintyre

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Alister Macintyre

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An old story resurfaces.
A coast-to-coast blackout has become a very harrowing- and plausible- prospect that has scared federal regulators into calling for widespread security precautions.
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Alister Macintyre

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US drones have killed hundreds of innocent Pakistani children.
This mass murder has been labeled by the Pakistan Supreme Court as war crimes.  The President and Parliament of Pakistan has demanded the US stop, but the US reply is the middle finger.  So various groups come up with creative ways to protest.
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MY PC has been away for a while getting XP => Win-7 conversion.
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Alister Macintyre

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NSA document search via ACLU
A searchable database of all documents on #NSA spying released by the media or government since June 2013.
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Alister Macintyre

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For once, I agree with Hagel. Not sure anything can be ruled out 100%.
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400 Nerd, ERP programmer, semi-retired, researcher
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    1884 - present
  • Kauffman Engineering
    400 Nerd, 1984 - present
  • Semi-Retired, BPCS 400 software, time traveler, game design, Research Shared http :// etc.
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Evansville Indiana USA
Scotland UK then Cincinnati Ohio - In dreams, in star-faring hollow asteroid
Semi retired

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If you want ideas what circles to put me in, you might start with these:

The first 2 decades of my life are no longer important ... I was immature, but lucky to stay out of major trouble.

There are lots of other interesting details about me, that will not get posted here.

While I am an avid reader book-aholic with tens of thousands of books in my personal collection, my rate of reading has diminished with other distractions like The Internet, and C-Span on TV.

I was in DC audience when Martin Luther King Jr gave his "I have a Dream" speech, as I began to identify & act on what was to become important in my life.

In the 1970's I designed some science fiction games.  I may try to bring my time travel simulation to the modern social networks, some time in our future.

When 9/11 came, I shifted from heavy interest in how to improve computer security to "what can I do" to help national security, but have shifted back to cyber security interests now.

Currently I am extremely interested in Drones, and would love to have people tag me when posting anything about them.

See my BS (Blog Sayings) from when I had time for that: Radio, Ryze,

I have had a career in excess of 50 years working for (mainly) family owned companies which used some IBM computer to run their business.  Over the years I gravitated from 1620 and 1440, with 80 column punched cards and paper tape, with programs via wiring boards when a "bug" was a squashed insect, to a multitude of S/-variants and a few AS/-variants such as M36.

Late in 2009 I became semi-retired.

Since the Haiti Jan-12 quake, I have been consumed helping the helpers, via Linked In HEDR group (Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief), a volunteer think tank.  Y"all can locate most of my Haiti (and other) Disaster Research Notes:
Linked In (see box net files), Facebook, and Google Plus links in posts, Haiti Rewired, Rebuild Haiti Better, Haiti+ Disaster Recovery Research Prizm and Scribd

Here is reason for above research sharing:

The big international NGOs have astronomical gaps between what they trying to do, and what they actually are able to accomplish.
These gaps are tried to be filled by thousands of mom+pop NGOs, some of them grass roots in Haiti, some of them small groups from nations all over our world.
These are people who are good with their hands, or with medicine, or a host of other things, but they are not good at figuring out all they need to know to make a go of it. They have tons of questions.
Well I am an answer man, I find out for them, as a pro bono researcher.
But many of these groups are asking the same questions.
So I package the answers in my research notes, share with all the mom+pop groups, and potential new volunteers.

General Trouble-Shooting: I am using XP with Firefox 5.x.  The system on end of VPN is AS/400 model 170 using BPCS 405 cd.

I do not do Mobile Chat nor IM.  I do e-mail, blogs, essays,  forums, comments, share research notes.

     = = = “New To Google? Let Us Help.” = = =

Ask to be added to my G+ Tips Circle, where I share links to ideas.  Notice my links list on right side.  Check out this list of aids for beginners. Contact other helpers here:

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I am also a member of the Google Peace Circle. Learn more about it here and join the initiative at

PS. I believe in the right of self-defense of people, irrespective of their religion culture gender gender-preference, etc.  If you believe in genocide of Jews, or Gay people, or women, or any other group, and say so to me, I will probably end up blocking you.
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Designed Time Travel games in the 1970's. What I am looking for varies over time, such as stimulating time travel companions.
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Are Wars cyclical? Here are some disturbing statistics about human conflicts.

More SQL and dates part I

Learn about some of the date functions available in SQL on the IBMi / AS400

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These offices are located very conveniently just off Lloyd Expressway (there's a traffic light there, so easy off, easy back on again). They have a small store, where we can pick up critical supplies, such as first aid kit for home and/or auto. They host periodic classes for people who wish to volunteer their time. I like to donate $ occasionally direct to the organization, not go thru any middle-man who may or may not be with the real McCoy charity.
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I opened an account here in 2013, because of their fantastic interest rates, and they are rated as one of the best CU in Evansville, by several different rating services that I checked out. Credit Unions do a lot to support their community. Banks do some, but are in business to support their owner stock holders. What I want, as a member, is support for the local economy, and yes they do that, with emphasis on helping with education, which I am all for. They are very easily accessible, given Evansville traffic problems, and conveniently close to some places where I frequently do some shopping. Full details on rates and services are available at any office, and on their conveniently accessible web site. In my dealings with them so far, I have found them to be friendly honest helpful, everything we want to see at a banking office. I wonder about security. Banks seem to be super vulnerable to criminals. If they have security, it is invisible.
• • •
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
It is rare that someone who lives in a community, also stays at a hotel or motel in that same community, but I had occasion to spend a night there because of a convention conference right there. When I have visitors from out-of-town, this is one of the lodging places I recommend to them. I found the place to have upper class quality at middle class economy costs. In other words, just about anyone can afford to stay there, and it is a good quality place. It also is in extremely close proximity to many conveniences such as restaurants where I can say the same thing ... affordable and high quality It also has convenient access to major highways and the Interstate system.
• • •
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reviewed 5 months ago
Wow, this place is *Excellent.* We delivered a huge pile of laundry on a hot muggy Saturday by noon, and they were done by 2.30 pm. They take the stuff out of your car when you arrive, put it in your car when you pick it up. Shirts are onto hangers. I have a clothes hamper in the bathroom, to accumulate stuff which needs to go in the wash. This hamper is 2 feet high, and was overflowing. There was also a smaller hamper stuffed. They did the whole thing for under $45.00
• • •
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reviewed 7 months ago
50 reviews
I opened account here in late 2011, after FDIC closed another place where I had been banking. I use the one near Eastland Mall, since that is close to where I live. They are ranked as one of the best CU in the city, according to multiple different rating agencies. It is in a good location, easy access, given Evansville traffic jams. The building looks solid sturdy. The staff is helpful. The lobby has rates posted where easy to see. I have been visiting their web site every so often to check the rates. That is easy to navigate. It might also be useful if their statements made some of this info available. My only problems: ... Final statement for the year does NOT show total interest paid for the year (I want for my income tax reporting) they need social security # of my beneficiary, who does not want to let it out of her sight.
• • •
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Very professional guidance and work, to help get my place better organized.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
For some time, I have noticed hearing quality declining, so I responded to one of their promotions. I was favorably impressed with the quality of their hearing testing, and hearing science professionalism, so I am now wearing a Miracle Ear. Their office is not impressive appearance, their computer system could use an upgrade, but they have the know-how for doing a good job for people in need of hearing help.
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago