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Ok, who of you knew that nodes can be moved in the direction of a path (not Bézier) by holding Ctrl+Alt? Very cool :-]

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+Martin Schuhfuss
So, the Launchpad is quite fun. Thanks for showing it at the JS Days in Munich.

Writing a small library for it now:

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In lack of physical whiteboard space, I have written ora-whiteboard which starts a web server on your PC and serves all .ora files in a directory. Web page is updated as soon as the .ora files are saved.

I’d like to hear some feedback (about the package itself, and the readme too) if you have time for testing. Thank you!

The Wacom wireless kit is amazing. I expected it to not work on Linux because that's life.

Plugged the receiver into the laptop, unplugged the USB cable, worked. Without installing anything.

Apparently the plug (USB too) pretends to be a tablet, so it makes no difference for the OS if it is connected wirelessly or via USB cable. Nice.

Just added a new subdomain to my server.
About 10 s after the DNS changes took effect, it was already scanned by, a chinese IP.
Interesting to see how quickly those scanners act.

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Stefan Forster, landscape photographer and a good friend of mine, will be doing video series starting with  Iceland. Please support and share his kickstarter campaign so we can get an insight into the daily life of a landscape photographer in action!
#photography #landscapephotography #nikon #500px #landscape #iceland #icelandphotography  

Ctrl+PageUp/Down used to change tabs in Firefox, but Google+ and GMail block this and do PageUp/Down instead. Any way to disable this behaviour?

I feel like it is time for a rant against +digiKam .
Earlier this year I upgraded from digikam 2.5 to a 3.x version. At a first glance, the biggest changes were none since they were invisible in daily usage. Improved face recognition, iirc. After using the new version for a while, I did notice some changes.
Things that used to work were buggy now. The import dialog forgets the sorting option and displays images randomly. The timeline view freezes digikam, as it did in an early 1.x version. (Removing the album and importing everything again fixed this.) When I assign a caption to an image, digikam freezes too. Current workflow for captions is: Start digikam, add a caption, kill digikam because it hangs, goto first point.
I hate it for that. What the hell do I need face recognition for, if not even the most basic features work. I used to love digikam, but now? It seems that efforts for new versions are wasted in new features rather than stability. (Remember Microsoft Word?) If someone asks me for a photo management application on Linux, how could I suggest digikam with good conscience? It works, as long as you don’t click anything, because then it freezes?
I did not even bother reporting bugs. The usual answer is like: You are using the totally deprecated version x.x.4 but we already have x.x.5, please re-open the bug report if problem persists. Packages on Debian sid are usually a few weeks old; smell the infinite loop?
Eventually I’m going to install Windows and Lightroom just in order to get rid of digikam and such bugs that make you want to hit your laptop screen because there is no better alternative to hit.
Please. A good application is not defined by the number of features, but by usability and stability, or, in different words, software quality.

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This was expected to be the presentation for my Bachelor’s Thesis. Could never hold it, so it lied around on my HD for two years now. If you want to know a bit more on the internals of slomoVideo, here you go!

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