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Deborah Tomasetti Perham
Personal historian: Connecting generations and preserving memories.
Personal historian: Connecting generations and preserving memories.

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21st Century Marketing and The World Blog Tour
Here I find myself in the second year of my personal history
preservation business, A Lifetime Legacy . The last business I started was in
1980. It was a court reporting agency. Searching for clients was simple: open
up the Yellow Pages, turn to Attorneys, ...

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Excellent article about documenting your personal history.

"Documenting a family's history, whether through images, home movies or shared memories, is usually a very personal endeavor.

However, for people interested in documenting their family memories, but who are too busy or unable to do it themselves, there are professionals, known as personal historians, who get the job done."

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Will Your Family’s Story Become History or a Mystery?
In the year 2114, only three generations from now,  when your descendants research their family story, will they learn about history or will the past be just another mystery? When answering my phone early one morning, I was greeted with the sweet voice of a...

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Deborah Tomasetti Perham commented on a post on Blogger.
What a beautiful story, Denise.  So happy I found you on Geneabloggers.  Looking forward to hearing more about the Appalachia region.  

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, 

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The Inspiration That Was Borne Out Of A Basement Flood and A Discarded Tissue
Antoinette LaPreta, my grandma Before my parents even met, my
career path as a family /personal historian was already determined.  A fateful day in the early 1950s when my dear
maternal grandmother lost her belongings and most of her family photographs in a...

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Deborah Tomasetti Perham commented on a post on Blogger.
Another wonderful interview, Gini.  So nice to meet you, Karen...Heading over to your blog now.  
Warm regards, Deb (A Lifetime Legacy)

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Deborah Tomasetti Perham commented on a post on Blogger.
Hi Gini.  Hi Geneabloggers.  Thank you for the warm welcome.  And thank you to everyone who has visited my blog.  I'm enjoying all of your comments, and visiting your blogs.  Looking forward to reading everyone's great blog posts.  Happy blogging.  Happy holidays.  Warmest regards, Deb 

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The White Lie That Was Meant to Be
“Tell him I’m engaged to be married .” My maternal
grandmother, Antoinette LaPreta, LOVED to talk about her childhood.  In a previous blog post I mentioned how she
had lost all her precious photographs in a basement flood, so she compensated
for that loss b...

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Cooking With Grandma Far-Away
Stuffed artichokes   For those of you who have read
some of my previous posts, you know I’m an “I”talian girl married to an Irishman.  While attending the Association of Personal
Historians conference just last week, participants were called upon to share “...
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