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Is it possible to access pictures from other CM cloud within application? Me and my wife are having separate backup accounts on our phones, but since for photography we are using more or less my phone, it would be great if my wife could access my CM cloud within his phone and QuickPic installed.

Sollution could be that within provided cloud drives that could be added, user could add also CM cloud.
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Hello, thank you for contacting us.
Yeah you can view your backuped photos by visiting:

1. Log in with your account
2. Open Clean Master folder and go to "Original Photos"
Finished, there are your photos!
I know this option, but I would like to access them within QuickPic the same way I can access for example my pictures on Google drive or Baidu cloud. If you have enabled all these cloud drives, I think you can easily add also cmcm cloud. 
+Fabian Köhler When I try to login into CM Cloud from the app, after entering email id / password, it gets stuck with Loading animation on login screen itself. QuickPic v4.7.2 on Nexus 6P, Stock Android 7 Public.
+Bikram Agarwal
Hello, this is not an official version. Our latest version is 4.6.9. Please install our latest version and it's should be solved.

--> When we release an update with a new version number, we would announce it here.

Best wishes!
So is there now an option to add another CM cloud account as additional Cloud drive? 
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