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You should of gave him super saiyan hair ... and replaced Spirit Science with A Super Saiyan
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Maker Camp, Wednesday, August 6: Makey Makey Music!
In 1 hour, watch the Hangout 11AM PT / 2PM ET / 1800 GMT

MaKey MaKey co-inventor Eric Rosenbaum returns to Maker Camp to show off everything from a water bucket-based Dance Dance Revolution to a staircase octave to musical paintings. Everything is an instrument when you listen to the world with the ears of JoyLabz Maker dream team! Eric is joined by Beau Silver, brother of the other MaKey MaKey co-inventor, Jay Silver. And their friend Kelly Snook, a London-based engineer who tested some of Eric and Jay's early MaKey MaKey prototypes, will share her work, including those amazing gloves Imogen Heap told us about last year!

Daily project: Sketch It, Play It
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#thatchtalk - A new chapter

I am the new Science and Mathematics middle school teacher at Northwest Florida Ballet Academie. I was offered and I accepted the position today. This means that ElKe and I will be studying and working at the same school, respectively.

This past school year, I served there as a long term substitute Mathematics teacher, for the last 13 weeks. I came off of semi - retirement, 13 years out of the classroom. Okay, it was like riding a bike. I jumped on a started pedaling. My work as a professional #TUTOR kept me up-to-date on the needs of learners from grades K-20.

Below are images from our Mathematics Fair.

#TUTOR #teacher #STEM #STREaM #blogsofaugust
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Does the gap exist because of Vocabulary acquisition from the onset?

#parenting #vocabulary #income #TUTOR #readinesstolearn
Infographic: The School-Readiness Gap. Examining the effect of Early Childhood education. 
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it's really good for America's children !
have a nice sunday !
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A Mega-Canyon Longer than the Grand Canyon - and Hidden under Ice

It turns out our heavily-explored planet has a few surprises left. The Grand Canyon in Colorado in the U.S. is about 277 miles (446 km) long - but a new "mega-canyon" found in Greenland under a massive ice sheet is over 460 miles (750 km) long, and up to a half mile deep in places (though the Grand Canyon is up to a mile deep). Read how scientists "explored" the canyon using 3D imaging:

(Image: J. Bamber/University Bristol)
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“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” - Mark Twain
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Tally the #TUTORshop turtle.
Tally the #TUTORshop turtle eating a tomato from one of the trees where she lives.

+The Education STREaM, Inc.
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Tutoring Pre-Algebra today - We are working on exponents.

#TUTOR #teacher #STEMwomen #STREaM #blogsofaugust
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It is in my hands, your hands, our hands...
Good morning, Plussers. May the wise words of Mandela have a continuous impact in the world. Rest in peace.
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Help to give back
This #GivingTuesday  how are you showing that you're giving back? We have partnered with several non-profits across the nation to renew the spirit of giving during the holiday season.

Donate what you can. Time or by making a gift to education, visit: today  
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First day of school! Good times! :)
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Do you have any great family or personal moments from the Perseid Meteor Shower event this week? Please share with us below!
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TALK: Teach Actions to Leverage Knowledge - TUTOR - Academic Coach - Tutor Trainer
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a  and ( In my mind 'a' will stand for Art.)
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The Education STREaM, Inc. was designed in response to a developed understanding of how people learn. STREaM, Inc. is a melding of academic, professional, practical and theoretical research experiences. 

  1. K-12 Tutoring [Local Office and Online]
  2. Academic Coaching K-20 [Pre-service Teachers]
  3. TUTOR Training
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  5. Connecting Reading to STEM Education
  6. We help parents find resources for teaching and learning at home. Applications, videos, sites --- are carefully reviewed and used before sharing.

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