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Baseball tourney in Allen. Nice day!
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My comments are on two levels of service. The service I received was decent considering there was VERY long line. Typically I try to do my USPS business online or at the self-service kiosk. This time getting in line was unavoidable. But my cust. service rep was friendly, helpful & was speeding her line along at a tolerable pace. HOWEVER, for those waiting in a separate line to retrieve a package that was being held by the post office, it was beyond toleration! Another VERY long line. Longer than my own. And about the time that line started forming the other cust. service rep left her post and didn't come back. A few minutes later a guy in civilian clothing (assuming was a manager) came to the front, asking the lone cust. service rep that was helping my line where her co-worker had gone. When he was told the other rep had left her line with no explanation. And then that manager guy left with no explanation to the understandably agitated patrons. To add more frustration to the situation you could hear that manager guy very loud & clear from behind the walls. But he wasn't looking for the missing cust. service rep. No. Instead you could hear him joking & laughing behind the walls! It got so bad people in that waiting line started asking the one & only cust. service rep if anyone was coming back to help them. Many of them left. I was in the building for a total of 20 min. By the time I was done with my business still no one had come back to help the now ridiculously long line that almost reached the lobby doors. This kind of service makes me want to use another carrier - even if it costs more. Boo USPS!
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