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Promoting a font rather than paying 3 Euros for it sounds good to me, so here it is :) 

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This should be fun. Maniac Mansion was the first Lucasarts adventure game I ever played, and the beginning of a life-long love affair with point n' click adventure games.

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Couldn't agree more with piece by Vlad Savov. Smart TVs are mostly still laggy and their unintuitive UIs and features date much faster than the panel itself. It make far more sense to have a quality dumb TV and keep all sources separate.

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Cool to see +Marques Brownlee teaming up with +The Verge video team for this "dream smartphone" piece. I would kill for the phone he describes :)

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Samsung have built an impressive 360-degree 3D camera for use with Gear VR and other virtual reality handsets. Can't wait to try it out.

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Google Play Australia has finally been updated with #Nexus6  prices. There's quite the 'Australia tax' too. $869 for the 32GB model and $929 for the 64GB.

Still no release date (says "coming soon"). One good thing is that we will be getting the same 'unlimited music' offer on Google Play as the US.

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sigh. One of these years #Google will work out how to launch a phone. Still no price or launch date for Australia either. #nexus6

Post has attachment's 'Puls' smartwatch is even worse than I imagined (and I imagined it would suck :-) ) 

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Can't help but be a little disappointed to hear that the consumer release of the #OculusRift is still a long way off, however I'm glad they are taking the time to get it right.

"We're all hungry for it to happen," Iribe said. "We're getting very close. It's months, not years away, but many months."

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Neill Blomkamp's (District 9) new film #Chappie  looks really cool.
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