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Some more coding monkey gibberish on this boring Sunday? Here you go! :D It's about commands in data binding and how the data of a data context is arranged (It's a tree!).

It should describe how our Unity asset Data Bind for Unity (!/content/28301) works behind the scenes. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask! :)

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To all programmers out there: How about some dev reading about data binding?

My first asset "Data Bind for Unity" is available in the Asset Store (!/content/28301), so it may be interesting to hear how it works behind the scenes. Data Binding is quite a nice way to separate the logic and the presentation in your game, so you might read it even if you don't like to use the asset :)

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Der "respektlose Psychologiecoach aus Blech", wie er vor kurzem liebevoll genannt wurde, ist nicht aufzuhalten: +Christian Oeing ist es allen Widrigkeiten (= Virtual Machine + Visual Studio + Unity + XCode) zum Trotz gelungen, +FreudBot in den +App Store zu bringen! Viel Spaß damit auf eurem iPad, iPhone or iPod  Leider halten sich die Erlöse aus Android und Windows noch arg in Grenzen - also erzählt es ruhig weiter, und wir können vielleicht sogar noch mehr Spiele machen ;)

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The next prototype of ‪#‎GameInc‬ is ready to be playtested!

Here are some new features which were mainly introduced based on the feedback on the first prototype:
- Task quality
- Task scope and work done 
- Fulfillment of the task requirements
- Current work speed on a task
- Current critical path of the project
- Task selection to show dependencies and successors
- Improved calculation of task quality

As you can see, many visualizations were added which should make it much easier to understand and control the project progress.

I would be very happy if some of you could give the new prototype a try and provide some feedback. It worked out really great last time, so I hope to get a bunch of valuable feedback this time, too.

It really has a big influence on the progress of the development and makes sure that the game will be as much fun as it can be 

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Starting with some more graphical stuff for ‪#‎GameInc‬ by creating two mockups for the prototype UI.

News Feed/Home and Project Planning screens. Check out some more details at
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Started working on a concept for the first gameplay prototype for ‪#‎GameInc‬. Screen overview is ready! Is anything missing?

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Hui, dank FreudBot (und natürlich Jan-Christoph!) bekommt slash games seinen ersten Artikel in der COMPUTER BILD SPIELE. Super geschrieben und gibt sehr authentische Einblicke in unsere bisherige Reise :)

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Einige detailliertere Gedanken wie der Multiplayer von ‪#‎GameInc‬ ausschauen könnte. Inklusive Transfermarkt!

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