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Deion “Mule” Christopher
Interests: Computers, Educational Technology, HAM Radio, Chess or Science...
Interests: Computers, Educational Technology, HAM Radio, Chess or Science...

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My situation is this: I'v created a Microsoft Access 2010 database.  I've created C# forms to access (query, add, delete) the information stored in that Access database.  I've included a copy of the database in the project (IT_Inventory.accdb).

I published the program so I could install and run it on another machine.

When I try to run the program (even with admin rights) I receive the following Microsoft .Net Framework error:

System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException (0x80004005): Could not find file 'C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\Data\X628XCDD.NBQ\W3KT73O9.VPE\info..tion_530b9785cd20128e_0001.0000_b16933b4c19419e2\Data\IT_Inventory.accdb'.

Can someone PLEASE shed light on what I need to do to accomplish what I am attempting?

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RockOut Solar would be great for my HAM radio!

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Here are the picture samples from one of my field guides of meteorites, as well as by products of their impacts, and the associated information for each specimen.
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Who wants a shot at the NEW 2015 UltraLite 30+ Parker Compound Bow? Click the link below and complete the form to be entered into our Christmas Giveaway. We will pick the winner on Dec. 19, 2014. Good luck!

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Sorry for starting another post, but I am unable to attach the additional pictures to the first one.  Hopefully everyone can see the wear that I have on the velcro after shooting roughly 20-30 arrows.  I did shoot an additional 100 arrows last night and the wear was about the same as what is shown in the pics.  I don't have a bow square, and when I bought the arrows the sales guy measured and placed the nock point for me.  I informed him that I shoot with 3 fingers with the arrow nock between my index a middle finger.  Does this look typical?
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Need some advice: I have a Samick Sage recurve bow.  I had shot roughly 300 arrows before needing to replace the fur rug on the shelf due to the arrows scraping it away near the outer edge and exposing the wooden shelf.  I replace the rug with velcro, and after about 40 shots I noticed that once again the outer edge  is starting to scrape away pretty quickly.  Is this probably an issue with how I am shooting (technique) or with my arrows (feathers) or maybe with where my nock is positioned (too low)?  I've attached a couple of photos of the arrows I am using.
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Does anyone have, or is anyone willing to list a recipe (WITH PICTURES PLEASE) of baked (not steamed) mana pua filled with char siu?

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Here is what I suggested to meet their technology needs:

1. Dual Internet - Charter 100/5 primary (including single phone line) with AT&T U-Verse (slowest offering) as an immediate failover Internet connection.
2. WIFI access point allowing creation of unique SSIDs - with passwords - for each business.
3. Firewall to handle immediate Internet failover during outages, handle DHCP for all wireless devices, and provide spyware/malware/antivirus active packet filtering.
4. Biometric lock on front door to eliminate lost pin numbers by clients.
5. HP Laserjet (Black/White) All-in-One WIFI-enabled printer that any wireless device can print to.
6. Extron multi-connection appliance with Intelix transmitter/receiver over Ethernet.

Here are pictures of the "almost" completed project:
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