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 "...the president is trying to make you think it would be 150,000 heavy mechanized troops on the ground in the Middle East again as we saw in Iraq. That's simply not the case," Cotton told Tony Perkins on the Family Research Council's Washington Watch program, according to CNN."

Perkins and Cotton two assholes together in the back-seat of a car together! LMAO! 

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Another Case of Police Injustice
Another Case of Police Injustice Aimed  at a Black Man!

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As Esquire’s Charles Pierce notes, Cruz is echoing a time-honored rallying cry of people who are losing a battle in the federal courts: “Previous attempts include trying to remove the Supreme Court's jurisdiction over cases in a number of instances, including those involving school prayer, school busing, abortion, and pornography.”

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"A world with a nuclear capable Iran is the same world it was 5 years before Iran becomes nuclear capable. If a nuclear armed Israel, Pakistan and North Korea didn't end the world, Iran's acquiring one isn't going to do any worse to it. It would simply blunt the ability for Israel to guilt-bomb America into going to war with Iran.''

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Savage another star mouthpiece of America's Religious Right Dark Side!

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Reader Comment:

"Iraq was a Sunni led country which prevented Iran (Shiite) from spreading its power in the region. The plan for 20 years."

"Bushco in their invasion based on lies changed all of that by replacing the Sunni led government with a Shiite one which is aligned with Iran....."

"The winner of our Iraq invasion for oil we did not need was Iran."

"Now a little history, we replaced the elected president of Iran in 1954 since he thought Iran should own its oil, with our puppet dictator, the
Shah of Iran. he was actually the son of the colonel who assassinated the real Shah in 1929."

"It was under Nixon, that we installed Iran's first reactor. We also shot down an Iran passenger plane over the Gulf killing 200 people. It was Reagan who sold Iran 1500 missiles, illegally in violation of our own trade sanctions and used the money to illegally fund right wing terrorist groups in central America. while creating Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan...."

ISIS was formed by our invasion of Iran form the Sunnis the invasion displaced.

Iran had no nuke program until BUSHCO invaded Iraq and said Syria and Iran were next, just as soon as they got the promised candy and flowers from Iraq.

The Shiites we put in charge in Iraq, hate us as much as the Sunnis do now.

Pls tell us how we are suppose to undo a 50 years Repub mess in the making in the Arab world, any more than the 35 years old Repubs trickle down, deregulate and outsource mess In just a few years, with Repubs insisting on doing again what caused the messes in the first place?"

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The Religious  Is a bunch of sorry bastards, without question!

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These Fine Christian Republicans showing their faith! LMAO!!! 

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Republicans the scourge of America!

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Cruzo's not going anywhere, the Republican Leadership in America won't let him!  
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