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People are increasingly concerned about mold, radon,
carbon monoxide, and toxic chemicals commonly found in
homes. In fact, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EP
A)studies show that levels of air pollution inside the home are
often two to five times higher than outdoor levels. And poor
indoor air quality is associated with a host of health
problems, including eye irritation, headaches, allergies,
and respiratory problems such as asthma.
Matvey Construction is one of allies of Indoor AirPLUS program established by EPA? There are only 6 companies in the state of Washington and we made the cut!

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The annual convention is held each year at Basement Systems headquarters in Seymour, Conn. and the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, Conn. The three day event brings together dealers in the international network for training, seminars, networking, vendor and team building events, and a celebration of achievements. Andrew, Jake and Nataliya have traveled there for a weekend of learning, celebration and acknowledgement. We are looking forward to sharing what they have learned.
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Did you know?
The screw pile was invented by the blind English brickmaker, Alexander Mitchell, in 1833. The first screws were made of cast iron and were used to build lighthouses exposed to moderate seas or heavy ice fields. The shafts were from 3 to 8 inches in diameter with the helix from 18ins to 5 foot in diameter! They were screwed down from 10 to 20 foot into clay, sand or coral, by about 30 to 40 men, pushing with 6 to 8 capstan bars, the ends of which circled an arc of 30 to 40 feet in diameter.
The first such structure was constructed on Maplin Sound at the mouth of the Thames in 1838. The first screw pile lighthouse in the United States was erected in the Delaware Bay on Brandywine Shoal and was completed on October 28, 1850.
Since then Instant Screw Piles are becoming the preferred choice of deep foundation system for a growing number of applications.

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Matvey Construction will be presenting during 201% REAP Expo on Thursday July 23 from 6:30 to 9pm at Bellevue Red Lion Inn. Check out We will take about Foundation Repair and Waterproofing as it relates to those in the real estate business. Bring your questions or comments!

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Yahoo!  Matvey Construction Inc has qualified as a 2015 finalist for the Business of the Year Torch Award by Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon & Western Washington. A panel of judges made up of past recipients and leaders in the local business community will evaluate all the information and will select the winners in the beginning of July.
This is a huge achievement for our company and a testimony to hard work put forth by every one at Matvey Construction! Thank you, Mei, Rose, Yana, Jonathan, Jake, Brad, Andrew, Daniel, Vladimir, Ivan, Sergey! Thank you for your committment to excellence and dedication to making Matvey Construction #1 Foundation Repair Experts in Washington State!

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Come and join Matvey Construction at Duck Daze Festival at University place.
Stop by at our booth to say "Hello" and enjoy the folk traffic brought on by 2015 US Open right here at University place

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Here is a great explanation of why concrete slabs sink and how Matvey Construction can fix them by using PolyLEVEL technology, structural foam that "can move the mountain" (well, may be not mountains but definitely sidewalks)

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Please come and visit with us at Puyallup Spring Show this weekend. It's going to be sunny and beautiful and what better way to spend the weekend than visit a good old traditional fair. Free Parking!
Thurs: 2pm - 10pm
Fri & Sat: 10am - 10pm
Sun: 10am - 8pm
Matvey Construction booth is located inside the Pavillion. Stop by and say "Hi".

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Mat Cote knew that the Youth Theatre NW (YTNW) was remodeling its current temporary location at Emmanual Episcopal Church because his children have attended several classes there and enjoyed this organization tremendously. So Mat felt that he wanted to contribute to YTNW's growth and prosperity. However, when Mat Cote inititally approached Manny Cawaling, the executive director of YTNW to volunteer his help, it did not seem obvious what Matvey Construction could do for YTNW. After all, Matvey Construction specializes in foundation repair which was not the kind of service that YTNW was looking for. Then Manny said: “Well, need some demo work…”. To which Mat replied: "Heck, ya!" And that is how it came about. On Monday, April 6, Matvey Construction will sent 2 crews to demo the store front windows and haul away/recycle the debris. Mat Cote said: “Youth Theatre NW has been great for Mercer Island and our children and we want to support this great organization in any way we can.
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