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Measure, analyse, find hidden growth potential, capitalize, repeat.
Measure, analyse, find hidden growth potential, capitalize, repeat.

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Our new home... +Galvanize Boulder!

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Justin will be teaching a beginning Google AdWords class on June 11. Join us!

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This is a huge step in the multiscreen world!
Excited to start using Universal Analytics? We're ready for you.

Back in October, we announced the limited beta release of Universal Analytics as a way for businesses to understand the changing, multi-device customer journey. Today, we’re excited to welcome and invite all Google Analytics customers to try Universal Analytics. 

Find out more in today's post along with a quick video on why +PriceGrabber is looking forward to using Universal Analytics.

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Cool network diagram by @datariot. Twitter Follow graph of people attending an event in Boulder

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In our experience, the majority of WordPress site owners don't regularly back up or update their site because there is significant pain in doing so. Updates often break things on the site, and backing up can be hard.

We created a WordPress backup, update, and monitoring service to solve this problem. We back up your WordPress site daily, weekly, and monthly, and store your backups on a secure, offsite server. We update your site as soon as updates are released, verify that the updates didn't break anything, fix the issue if something breaks, and monitor your site for malicious activity. Let us know if you'd like us to set it up on your site.

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Cool network diagram of a week of tweets between Twitter employees:

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The Robot Jockey

From Kiva's warehouse robots to IBM's robot MD Watson, Robots are increasingly doing things that humans used to do. Many understandably worry about the future of human employment in jobs as simple as warehouse picking and as complex as medicine. It seems we are all destined to be replaced.

But, increasingly, algorithms are being overseen by human minders. For example, Google is increasingly using human curators to write the "summaries" searchers see for common queries, and Twitter is using human "judges" to curate search results for trending searches. The creators of these human-machine systems say the human touch is indispensable to optimal  functioning of the system.

Maybe one day we all will be replaced. Or maybe we will all become expert robot jockeys, meshing our own uniquely human abilities with those of race-bred robots to maximize performance.

Good Digital Marketing.

Good digital marketers know how to optimize their funnels, and this quantitative method for increasing revenues can be an excellent tool for growth.

But, good digital marketing can also have hidden costs.

For example, out of curiosity I recently went through the process of creating a Merchant Circle profile for our local design business. The process was easy, and took about 5 minutes of my time. But at the end of the process, Merchant Circle asked for money.

I am sure Merchant Circle exhaustively tested their conversion funnel, finding that this process maximizes conversions. And they are probably happy with this fact.

But, what about the people who do not convert on the first visit? Are they left with a bad taste in their mouth after this sneaky treatment? Will they ever come back to Merchant Circle again?

The difference between good digital marketing and truly great digital marketing is often subtle.

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Turning analysis on analysis.

This is a great article about analyzing ROI of analytics (eating our own dog food) from +Avinash Kaushik  and +Jesse Nichols .

Of course, (as with almost all analysis), this is harder than it looks. The hardest part?

"[I]dentifying incrementality is an incredibly difficult challenge."

Props to the authors for calling this out.
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