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Welcome To DAY ONE of "6 Days of Photoshop CS6" - The Launch of Adobe Photoshop CS6 with +RC Concepcion +Pete Collins and +Corey Barker! Come back here after today's NOON webcast and tell us your favorite new feature.
CS6 Live Webinars With NAPP Photoshop Guys Matt Kloskowski, RC Concepcion, Corey Barker and Pete Collins
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3D is looking pretty cool so far!
Corey, how bout a 3D title for video, using CS6 extended?
I'm excited most about the Content Aware Patch Tool. It's phenomenal!
Great stuff guys! As a long time 3D animator, PSCS6 adds to my toolset!
Awesome Webinar so far! These guys know their stuff :)
The webcast is going great! I love the Photoshop Guys . . .
Are you kidding? CS6 is the greatest prize!
Thank you guys so much for doing the live broadcasts this week..
Great learning the new Photoshop CS6 from the Photoshop experts. Would love to win a copy of Photoshop CS6!!
I want Photoshop CS6! It looks awesome. Pick me, pick me!
Nice...still learning CS5...information overload for sure.
I would love to win CS6 you guys rock and so does the 3D going to check out that new tutorial!
A free copy is still better than an upgrade price!
Another great webinar. You guys rock!
Very cool enhancements, thanks guys!
Super pumped about the new 3D options! Great job guys.
Great job guys. Really on the ball... which you can render much easier in 3D now.
Thanks for putting this even on, guys! I'll have to join NAPP again :D
Wow, that took me long to find the live webcast. I had clicked it early and it was a recorded video. C'mon NAPP, a little UX design love,please! :-)
Love watching your webinars.
Khush N
Always fun to see you guys giving out tons of useful info.
Thanks for doing this webinar series!
Watching now. Thanks to NAPP for giving us the low down on CS6!
Thanks for the chance to win CS6
Adobe has made some very nice changes to CS6, can't wait for it to be released.
Very nice! Can't wait to get a copy of CS6!
I'm looking forward to giving the improved 3D a try!
I sure would like the 4th Photo Book and new sleeve.
Great work Guys keep it going
Include me in the free drawing, Is this for the full CS6 master suite or just PS?
OK, here's my comment... Thanks for doing these webcasts on the new CS6! Of course, I wouldn't mine winning a copy. ;-)
Learned more about CS6 in 20 minutes than from Adobe.
Looking forward TO CS6! I watched the previews on youtube I like the new selective focus and fill options.
My first time watching you guys together! This is the new Hotness!! CS6 is too hot!
SO excited for this release!! thanks for this week of webinars!
This is great, glad I didn't miss it!
CS6 looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win a copy.
Whoo hoo appreciate the sneak peek!!
I would like to win a giveaway. Thanks for the live feedback guys
Great Webcast…still on CS4, would love to upgrade, but not in the budget right now
Can not wait for this to come out!
Looking forward to the rest of today's cast and seeing more features. Thanks.
I love CS^ have been working on the trial dreading that i cant use it anymore would love to have a complete version
Great job guys! Great product with awesome instructors!
This is so cool, I love you guys. Love the new Blur Filters, 3D is beyond me though. Would love to win CS6. Thanks for the give away!.
Jan Gemeinhardt
This webcast is a great help with the new upgrade of CS6.
Great webinar so far on CS6! Looking forward to catching the others as well.
I'm so excited about CS6 due to your live show!
Would love me a free copy of CS6! Thanks!
Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of CS6! Love the new Blur filter choices and RAW processing choices!
Graphic Designer/Photographer here... Looking forward to getting CS6! Thanks for the live webinar photoshopguys!
Looks exciting. Great job on the demo.
Awesome Job Guys! Enhancing people's lives one pixel at a time. :o)
The blur tools +Pete Collins showed look great. Looks like they'd save me a step or two from how I currently do certain things.
Great to see the new features in CS6! 3D is taking a new role in Photoshop.
I'm most excited about the improvements to content aware
Will you be able to animate 3D text within video? -Ian
I hope it supports Nikon D800 net files, the beta didn't. I'm enjoying your stream of the new features.
Thanks for the chance to win CS6
LOVE the blur capabilities! Oh, and did I mention that I would also LOVE a free copy of CS6 so I can begin my Interactive Design Media degree?!
Thanks, guys. Photoshop CS6 is Great! Winning a copy would be awesome!!!
Love this webinar looking forward to using the new PS CS 6
Great information and presentation. Join NAPP if you missed the live show.
I can't wait for's amazing to see the new features!
Great Webinar on CS6! Thanks for bringing this to us.
Photoshop CS6 Looks So Exciting!!
I love these webcasts! I always learn so much from them. Thanks for doing them again!
Great tips as always; thanks for doing great demos on the new PS6 features!
Great Job presenting this awesome upgrade!!!
I might have to actually start using 3D in Photoshop now... the tools look so much better than CS5
waiting for the video stuff in PS CS6
Guys, I'm loving the live webinar! Thank you very much. The one thing in CS6 that seems so foreign to me is the Adaptive Wide Angle filter. I hope you show this tool today.
Awesome! These webinars help so much! Thank you
The new RAW handler looks fantastic!
i love this show and the new brush look like fun
Great webcast! Thank you for teasing us with all the new exciting stuff!
I'm excited about the new designer features in CS6!
Great webinar - had fun using the beta can't wait for full release
Been working with the public beta a lot, but have already picked up several good tips & things I hadn't tumbled to in this first CS6 video.
Thanks for the videos this week. Looking forward to all of them! LOVE the new brush tips.
NAPP is the best. How many other organizations are all over a brand new product for their members on the date of release? Noone! Thanks NAPP!
OK Just signed up Google + how do I "post" on this ?
ACR is really impressive now with temperature brushes.
I'm a big fan of actions. Nice upgrades to have in CS6.
Enjoying the webcast, appreciate seeing the new features. Would be nice to see a list on NAPP site by vendor of what plugins/extensions work with CS6, or when they plan to be compatible.
My RAW files are looking so much better with the new 2012 process. Excited about reprocessing some of my images from last year. Still wondering when I should adopt DNG...
You guys are doing a great job and I so want to get to the convention this year again...and I would love to win also today....thank you!
great information love seeing all the new improvements that will make doing thing easier
OK now I am here and following so how do I enter the giveaways?
great to see the new interface and features
James Brown, Lightroom 4 has the same ACR engine so you can make local temp changes there as well
A lot of improvements in Photoshop CS6. I will be watching NAPP webinars all week to see the new features.
You all make a great team (everyone behind the scenes too) and collectively make learning FUN! CS6 sounds like my ticket to a successful future!
Oh man, I may have to take out a second mortgage but I have GOT to have this...Just the new video and slideshow features make this a no brainer purchase for me.
I'm thinkin' this upgrade is AWESOME!! Can't wait to try out the content aware patch. ---drh
The blur tool alone is worth the investment in a CS6 upgrade.
Really looking forward to playing with the 3D option. Would really like to know the difference between CS6 and CS6 extended.
Never really messed with the 3D, but I think it's going to be a focus moving forward.
Looking forward to getting CS6! Love the improvements. You guy are great.
I'd love to win CS6 as well!!! Thank you guys!
LOVE NAPP! So informational and fun!
"Everybody is just watching for the free copy of CS6." Ha ha. We love you guys! We would watch even without the great goodie bag.
Looking forward to the new Content Aware stuff
Is animating 3D objects possible? and if so can it be integrated with the video features or be exported to Adobe Premiere or After Effects?
Just wondering about how to enter the contest for a free copy of CS6?
It is difficult to add Google+ and try to listen/watch the live webinar (especially when you need to take a phone call!).
CS6 looks great so far!
Took me forever to get this to work but it finally did. Like everyone else hoping for free copy.
Great job guys...looking forward to CS6 big time!
PICK ME, PICK ME! I am addicted to Photoshop :P
Looking forward to all the webinars this week! Exciting info!
<drooling>cs6 sounds like fun</drooling>

thanks for the webcast.
Looks like I am going to have to start shooting some video!
Love the video editing and 3D options. Not too hard a learning curve.
This information is really helpful. Thanks!
Hi from Detroit, I love the 3d effect and features in CS6
Thanks for the chance to win CS6. I love the Beta version and am looking forward to the release.
I'm entering the contest. I hope I win! I really love the Creative Suite and these new tools will change my life! Thanks! PICK ME! :)
Key framing in video in CS6. That's a game changer!
Looking forward to getting this upgrade
This is fantastic! Looks like it's worth the upgrade.
This is perfect timing. I'm on vacation. Its like a Photoshop holiday!
Brushes are totally redone with more artsy tips and textures. Sweet.
Liking the eroded brushes...never thought about needing it, but seems pretty cool.
Can't wait to play with the video!
It just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait now!
Sure hope to win a copy of CS6
Whoa, I'm really jazzed about this upgrade! Thanks for the tutorials. Bang up job, guys.
Looking forward to the content aware patch tool. Thanks for the Intro this week.
thanks for the video demo - tough choice between upgrading and getting final cut
Great new workflow & tools!
And it makes Monday's, for those of us at work, much easier to handle.
Looks absolutely amazing. I'm wanting to start doing more painterly type effects to my photos. CS6 fits right into my plans.
Great stuff looking forward to getting a copy. Also, looking forward to learning more about cloud.
Thanks! Learning a lot. Great new features!
Good first show, guys! Looking forward to the next five as well. Favorite tomorrow, on photography features of CS6.
Creative cloud for sharing looks great, specially if you travel alot.
I love that video is now part of CS6 standard
Thanks for all the information, can't wait to watch all the days!
Thx for all the support w/CS6. Will be looking forward to the upgrade. Am I "entered" ??
Great live event!
Nice introduction to the CS6 week!
Huey F
Thanks for the video. Please enter me in the contest!
Very exciting event, loving the new CS6 features !
My choice - CS6 of course! Very interested in the video capabilities.
I've been very happy using the Beta and look forward to upgrading to the live version of CS6. There are so many good new features, I can't list them all but they have been very helpful for my workflow.
Can't wait to learn more about CS6. Thanks Photoshop guys!!
Great video today! Lots of cool new features!
More fun toys to spend my spare time with.
CS 6, Lightroom 4, Wacom Intuos 5. I need more hours in a day.
So excited for the CS6 release! Looks like it is a must have!
Looking forward to working with it.Thanks. Will tune in tomorrow.
Loved the show today. Thanks for all of your knowledge
Would love to have CS6! Thanks for the great information today! I am planning to watch all of the webcasts this week.
Jun Ku
Thanks for the awesome tips and discussions!!
I for one was not looking forward to another upgrade. Business has been down and competition for even the most entry level jobs has been up, but I think that this one maybe worth it. Video is becoming a must have skill and Photoshop's new video may be a good jumping in point.
Good webcast, guys. CS6 looks amazing...
I can't wait to get the upgrade to CS6 love the erodable brush the new 2012 engine makes a big difference that I have already seen using Lightroom 4, so many things to look forward to. Would love to win a copy of CS6
Been using CS6 beta for a while. Love it. The improvements with RAW are fantastic, and the file recovery - wish I had had that before would have saved my sanity. Keep up the great work on the webinars.
Still waiting to be convinced on the cloud
This is my first time watching/listening to you guys! CS6 looks absolutely amazing and wish I would have found you guys sooner! Can't wait to see what else CS6 has in store for us!
Thanks for the web cast. Awesome is all I can say.
Looks like a lot of cool new stuff.
Enjoyed the live launch webinar and am looking forward to all 6 days of content.
I so excited to start working with CS6. Thanks for the introduction!!!
Can't wait to use the erodable brushes!
Erodible brushes are a great way for designers to add a little personal touch to their designs. Should make for more realistic logotypes too. Can't wait for CS6!
This is a fantast new version. So many great things to learn and use. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of it and get starte. Thank you so much.
Leading the way as we have come to expect. The 3D feature looks a lot more inviting
I loved the new brush tips in Photoshop 6, can't wait for the entire Master Collection through.
I cannot wait to check out the video side of CS6. I hope kelby training will help with this....
Is there a way to replay the webcast if you missed the start of it?
The Adjustment Brush is the magic wand I have been looking for to take my RAW files from dull to Pop, image to Art, so-so to is a powerful tool that will unleash creativity...thanks again, great show!
Exciting things are happening! Looking forward to more from Kelby Training for PS6
Great webcast. Definitely worth the upgrade.
Thanks for the information. You guys are great!
Awesome information from this webcast. CS6...I need it baaaad! Great job RC, Corey, and Pete.
Thanks again! Hope to win CS6 and photography set !!!
Love this webinar looking forward to using the new PS CS 6
Great introduction to CS6! Very exciting!!
So exciting. Thank you so much for all the webinars this week. Now to decide if I should purchase the software or pay $29.99 a month.......
Great presentations today. Look forward to the rest this week and using copy of PS CS6. Thanks, NAPP!
Always informative. The best professional membership deal around.
I've never used the video features in Photoshop, but now I'm really excited to try it out.

That being said, the new content-aware stuff is going to be an ass-saver in my day-to-day workflow!
I'm excited about the improved CONTENT AWARE features... and blur
Eddie W
Loved the Webcast will watch again and again.
Missed the webcast, hoping to catch the next one. Would love to win CS6, I heard there was a contest but don't know if this is the right way to enter or not. Never used Google Plus before.
I caught the first webcast and I too agree that it was GREAT!! I Would also love to win CS6 or one of the other prizes but but i also don't know if this is the right way to enter or not. Never used Google Plus before. Help!!!
i was going to skip this version but after using the CS6 beta ..... it has made me wanting it more. It just woks!
I also would love a copy of CS6
Jun Ku
New speed is amazing!
The content aware improvements are very cool.
Great show.., show me the CS6! ;o) - Thx PC
Very helpful and full of great info
2 live shows in one day. Woo hoo! Awesome as always.
Pumped about this new software. So excited to learn more about photography and design.
Love the training and the content aware move is sweet! Thanks for the training!
this is an upgrade I'm sooo stoked about. WoOt. oh, and btw you all rock !
Great webinar guys! CS6 is looking amazing!
Great tips and tricks!
Thanks for the webcast RC, Pete and Corey!
Excited about the new version and features. Thanks!
Bring on the CS6 release date! Looking forward to seeing Scott again on Saturday in London!
The new content aware looks amazing...and I bet I could really use it on photos from VEGAS!!!! wink wink!
Enjoying the episode so far and also joined NAPP today too :)
Love the info, can't wait to get CS-6!!!!
PSW in DC was AWESOME! and NAPP is the best value on the planet, in my opinion.
I love how intuitive the software is whilst allowing the user to simply finesse the results. Incredible!
I love that this is a free intro to the product. NAPP is always a great resource for Photoshop and Photographers.
Watching the 3pm live webinar and am really looking forward to getting CS6...would be great if I could win it and save some cash! LOL!
Thanks so much, guys! I'm so excited about CS6 - the betas have been great; can't wait to get to the final!
saving my money to get this for my daughter.
enjoy your webinars and look forward to using CS6 even more
Really excited about all the new features! Can't wait to try them.
Great CS6 series, worth the hour I tool off of work. Will do it everyday this week.
using the beta now .. going over the stuff while your speaking !
Excited about this new product. Thanks for keeping us informed.
I am a NAPP and Kelby Training member and love all of the content you guys put out. I'm so loving your CS6 webinar right now and look forward to a great week. Thanks Photoshop Guys!
CS6 looks fantastic. Thanks for doing the webinar!
Watching the webcast now! Great job, very informative! I would love to win that copy of PS CS6! Keep up the amazing work!
Pre-ordered CS6 this morning... Can't wait for it to arrive!
OK. That content aware move is pretty sweet. And the "extend"? Genius!
These webcasts and the discounts made available to users are well worth the price of admission. Come on in the water's fine!
Thanks to NAPP and the Photoshop Guys for another fab webinar.
All the prizes sound AWESOME! I'd be happy to get any of them! :)
As a UI Developer/Designer, the new features in CS6 helps transition web design into a whole new realm... seamlessly!!
I can't wait to start using the Creative Cloud! Everything at one monthly budgeted price.
would love to go Photoshop World Las Vegas
I am loving the webcast! So excited for CS6 and would love to win a copy:-} Thanks for always providing us with such great info!!!
Content Aware is awesome, talk about cutting down some work. Great details on CS6 guys, keep it coming!
Ted Orr
This is excellent. Thanks gang.
Thanks for putting together an informative webinar!
Thanks for the webinar. Looks like some great features are coming in CS6!
enter me in CS6 giveaway... good show but reminds me of PBS TV specials... good content but lot of talking and sales pitch. :-)
beats the cs5.5 upgrade...
Shamelessly interested in winning CS6
Just when you thought it could not get any better, it did. CS6 RULES
Addicted to Photoshop cs6 already. Gotta have it.
Irina M
Thank you for the inspiration guys! Can't wait to get my hands on CS6!
I've been a member of NAPP for many years. I've attended a number of the LIVE Photoshop Seminar Tours and met the NAPP crew at the Javits Center at PhotoPlus. These guys and gals are the REAL DEAL! IF you use Photoshop, a NAPP membership is a MUST. For $99 @ year and all the benefits/features/tutorials/discounts and professional treatment you receive, YOU WILL NEVER be sorry!
- I'm getting VERY afraid that after these webinars I'm gonna want PS CS 6!
Content Aware looks amazing! Thanks, Adobe!
Another upgrade on the list. Thanks for showing the application.
Look forward to playing with some of these features!
The New CS6 Looks Fantastic... Thanks for the Show Guys... Can't wait to get my copy
Just love NAPP, This is what I love about being a NAPP member.......Cool in-depth webcasts.......Learnt so much from the CS5 excited about CS6 webcasts......a week of learning from the experts how to get around the new features.......It is a truly brilliant organization.........Thanks to all the guys in front of camera & not forgetting the superb customer service, all the people in the background who make me so proud to be a member
Watching the Live Webinar on CS6 - Looks AMAZING!!!
I promise to never take a photo of a cat if you pick me for the CS6 prize!!! C'mon Scott and less cat photographer!!!
grest presentations - looking forward to all
Excited times for photographers! Glad I am living to see CS6 and Cloud comes alive. Yeah!
Content Aware Move and Content Aware Extend are looking pretty cool.
CS6 is looking good so far from the webinar, great job guys. Thanks for putting this on.
So stoked about all the new features in CS6! Thanks guys!!
Thanks for the awesome webinar! I am looking forward to the even more improved content aware tools. AND, of course, the ability to easily change background colors!
Great information!! Looking forward to the release of CS6!!
I love the new content aware tool!
Glad I'm a member since Adobe is changing with at the internet rate.
I am I am so looking forward to all these new features! Such exciting news!
winner, winner, chicken dinner!
I like the content aware move feature for Photoshop. Looks like this version has alot of extras compared to CS5.
This is SUCH great stuff....because you guys always show your enthusiasm...and it's contagious. You make me salivate to try some of these neat tricks.
Your webcast is totally convincing me to upgrade from CS5 to CS6. Content aware and video are incredible additions. I look forward to all your webinars!!!!!!!!!!!! I learn so much from them. NAPP is a value beyond description. Thanks for being visionaries and having the genius to make it all happen.
Content aware move is really well as the extend...these things I do in previous versions...this looks to make it much more quick
Ted Orr
The video in CS6 looks very-very nice. Great demo guys.
this webcast is awesome looking forward to the others, CS6 is going to be amazing :)....
You always inspire me when you teach! Always looking to learn and be creative!
I agree. If you use Photoshop or a camera, you really should join NAPP!
I'm so glad the new version focuses on graphic designers
I thought the CS5 version was great. This CS6 looks like a must have.
Coming from CS... took a few years off... WOW, how things have changed!!!!
I can't wait to get my hands on CS6! And I thought CS5 was great ...
My first webinar with you and it is awesome! Thanks NAPP
Finally, also can't wait to get to the photoshop world in Vegas in Sept and catch all the new cs6 classes!
The photoshop guys and NAPP are the best! Can't wait for PS World in Vegas
Having the beta has been a great help
Can't wait for the delivery of this CS6
I"m so excited for this upgrade. Good to know I can try it out before its available to purchase. 5 more days of webcast. Yea!!!
Great Webinar, guys, thanks! Miss Matt, though. :-(
Are you guys using the new Intuous5 tablets?
Love CS6 did the beta thanks to NAPP. Can't wait for Kelby training to get some great new lessons onit!
I really like the faster speeds in CS6 Photoshop the best plus the Auto Move. Thanks so much for the review.
Awesome presentation, 6 days is not enough!
Thanks for the great training event
Thanks guys!!!! I can't wait for the rest of the week!!! Be seeing you soon:-}
I think if I got the CS6, I could finally get my COD KDR to 2.0. :)
Thanks to NAPP and the Photoshop Guys for the previews and information on CS6 and Adobe..great stuff!
I can't wait to try CS6. I am looking forward to the trying out all the new features.
Great show guys. Finally have decent internet connection to watch videos
Can hardly wait to play with Photoshop CS6.
Are you going to replay the classes? Just heard Saturday. Why not make them available on demand?
The video stuff looks great! Great integration. Can't wait!
Thanks for doing these webcasts. I learn so much every time!
Great show! Can't wait for the others! Thanks for hosting these for all of us!
Great show. I really want to take some time to learn more about the creative cloud.
Just watched the second showing for today. Was blown away by content-aware move. Looking forward to /cs6. Please add my name to drawing for NAPP membership.
Great Show. Has me leaning toward upgrading, while I had no intention of doing so before. Especially if I win the free copy. HA HA.
I heard you can now record 72-track 96-bit audio in Illustrator. True?
Great work gentleman and ladies at NAPP!!!!! just extended my membership another year....great investment.
Awesome! Thank you very much!
Great show. It just makes me "need" CS6 that much more.
Great launch show. Looking forward to photography show tomorrow.
Wow, this has a lot more features than what I expected.
Excellent show guys. Can't wait to try myself..
Great webinar! I'm a CS6 beta tester and let me tell you I'm really loving this new release!!!!
Thanks for fielding my comments on-air during 3PM ET webcast today. For those not aware - your NAPP code is good for only 1 transaction per 3 months - so my Lightroom 4 purchase caused a hiccup for CS6 pre-order. Adobe has to get around this type of issue. See you all throughout the week :)
As usual, great job guys... I'm stoked about all the cool features of CS6! Time to upgrade from CS4 (yeah i'm a little outdated).
Thanks for the great show! I am so excited now!!
Amazing show guys! Cant wait to get CS6 after that.... You sold me lol
Just watched the show. The cloud is looking great. Can't wait for CS6 to be officially launched.
Very exciting. I look forward to the remainder of the sessions. I have been trying CS6 for two weeks, and it has been fun!
Great Webinar guys! Love all the insights you guys are giving on PS6. Invaluable info that you can't find anywhere else. NAPP membership soooo pays for itself!
Great info as usual guys!
Can't wait for the next ones!
Thanks for the preview - I hope Adobe appreciates you guys!
This release rocks!!!
Access to all the apps? amazing!
Great show! (and great prizes). The Cloud service looks interesting.
Thanks! A lot to think about with all the the different ways to buy.
Great show! Can't wait for the rest of the week, looking forward to my new CS6! This is a great product, as you stated, once I played with it in Beta, I couldn't go back to the CS5.5... It is a great improvement! Yippie!!!!!!! See you soon!
Excited for the video in CS6 but very undecided on upgrade or Creative Cloud ?
Great stuff so far. Can't wait for Corey to get into the 3D capabilities.
This is an awesome idea guys. Much more informative than the Adobe infomercial for CS5 2 years ago. Seeing Terry White surrounded by 3 dimensional vector art was like an acid trip gone bad.
Looks a great new release, Great show already learned somethings new and cool for CS6.
Would love a copy of CS6 for the home - CS1 is pretty old now. Robin
Man, you guys are awesome! What a great webinar. Can't wait to get CS6!!
Thanks RC for taking the time to find out all these great new tools that were added to CS6! I'm definitely going to get it!

I like how you said " I geeked out" when you saw this tool!

Very funny!
CS6 is fantastic. Please pick my name!
Great new features and nice webinar :)
The best money you can spend is on a NAPP membership. Period. Education, check... Inspiration, check... Learning from the best is priceless. I can have complete confidence in upgrading my software knowing these guys are going to teach me everything I need to know about lightroom and photoshop.
Great Show - Looking forward to the rest of the series
I think I am most excited about the video capabilities. I can't wait to be able to offer my clients slideshows and videos from the shoots. Thanks for a great show!
Expert material, great sense of humor(s), and fantastic related tidbits. Professional in every aspect.
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