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*Day 4 of "6 Days of Adobe Photoshop CS6" – Thursday, April 26, 12PM ET

If you have discovered the video features in your DSLR but haven’t had time to learn a new application, this is the webcast for you! Photoshop CS6 now has ground breaking video features that allow you to import, edit and publish your video right from within Photoshop. +RC Concepcion and +Pete Collins will take you on a tour of what’s new. See you at NOON ET!
Leave us a comment AFTER the webcast telling us your favorite video feature to be entered in today's prize drawing!
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Here for Day Four CS6 with NAPP ......... can't wait!!!
You guys have some energetic music playing while waiting for the NAPP guys to come on! Day 4 with CS6!
Did you post the winners from yesterday, if so where?
Really excited for the webinar today! Video is such a huge addition to Photoshop!
The media encoder is one of my fav features of the suite.
Ease of editing is a definate plus. PS I won't need the Program another year of NAPP would be nice though.
I'd be looking forward to the video stuff in PS if I could afford it <G>
Can't wait to see what you guys have for us today! I LOVE CS6
This is what I have been waiting for! Video in Photoshop Standard!
Are the same video features in CS6 in CS5 Master Suite?
I'm one of those people that shot a lot of video, but didn't really do much with it because it was so cumbersome. I'm excited about CS6. Thanks for showing us the features!
Video in CS6? Jumping the shark? J/K. I SOOO Want it.
Maybe I will finally be brave enough to use the video on my new D4. Teach me how RC and give me confidence to try...Thanks
Please select me for the copy of CS6
Video in Photoshop? Show us how!
Looking forward to shipping and playing with these new features. Particularly the new WA correction filter. The new video tools will probably inspire me to upgrade my camera.
Wow, this is fantastic. I really needed some help on video.!!
Well, guess it's time to jump into video with both feet....
First Granddaughter just born! I've got to figure out this video stuff!
Watching! What would you say are minimum requirements for Mac hardware for CS6?
Thanks for the vids guys!
I love CS6! It brings out the tiger in me. Look out world!
Looking forward to learning about PS support of video
Enjoying these webinars. I am a NAPP member, you guys are great!
Wow, that scrub feature is too cool!
Does CS6 have stabilization like iMovie?
Ahhhh, I almost missed this because of my administrator.
I love this series. Great way to introduce the new features. Thx!
I wish I didn't have to work at the same time I watch the presentations! But wouldn't miss it anyway!
Oh my! I'm a day 3 winner! I never win anything. I have sent the required informatoin. Thank you!
Looking forward to the new blur features.
What has changed to the publish features in CS6 from CS5?
Tool recording is great. This could be an amazing tool for designing simple, eye catching ads.
Thanks for all of the CS6 information! The video features are great, especially for quick edits and opening up amazing possibilities all within one program.
It's going to be so much fun to start playing with videos.
What are the main editing features for video that are different than Lightroom4?
What is the advantage to editing video in CS6 versus iMovie?
i am most looking forward to the video fetures because i can save money by not buying other products.
Love this action example .....I so need training .. I dream of PSW ...
I want CS6 Sooooooooo BAD! CS6 looks AMAZING!
I think if I actuall won the CS6 Gift, I would faint! And I'm not joking! I'd do ANYTHIfor to get CS6! AMAZING!
My videos have been fairly basic and Premiere always seemed so daunting, so it's nice to see video in CS6! Great job, guys!
Another great webcast, thanks all!
Lucky you Gary..... Wish I had enough money to order it, maybe someday :(
I first started shooting home movies in super 8mm and finally will the ability to do what I thought of when I was young! Now I just have to figure out how to get my super 8 movies in to the comptuer
I am a photographer but is nice to know that Adobe has done a lot of legwork and is making editing so simple.
Video in Photoshop CS6 will allow more creative possibilities. Can't wait to give it a try.
I used to do video editing back 12years ago and am excited that it will be an option in photoshop cs6. Am enjoying and learning your webcast on using the new video features in cs6.
What file formats can Photoshop Video CS6 export to?
I look forward to being able to do some basic video editing/compositing without having to get into the more advanced video programs. And I loved the idea of recording actions and making them into a video clip!
NAPP is great, hope to join soon!
I'm not familiar with how to use the video tools in PS, but willing to learn and they look pretty easy and intuitive. Its nice PS includes video editing as well. 
I also love the Record Tool feature. Absolutely amazing/smart addition.
Will the CS6 videos be available "on demand" at the NAPP site?
I LOVE PHOTOSHOP and NAPP! They just go together, can't have 1 without the other, you know. 
Thank You NAPP and ADOBE for such an incredible program! :D
I can't wait to play with video in CS6
Does Photoshop video support any formats besides QuickTime? Oh, I see you can export in lots of formats, I meant on the import side.
This pretty much covers what I would need for video. No need for dedicated software!
Looking forward to CS6. You guys have done a great job selling the new features. I'm looking forward to 3-D.
I like how it is simple and Photoshop feel to it makes it so I dont have to learn a whole new program.. AWESOME>>>>
Interesting new video features in CS6. Seem strange being able to do this stuff in Photoshop!
This show is just what I’ve needed. I’ve been wondering what to do with all the videos I’ve taken, but don’t want to learn another program. The solution is at hand, all I need is CS6. Thanks guys.
You guys make it look so easy. 3d and Video and extract to make a still. Wow! I'm excited to try it. Now I just need the money to get it.
I love being able to do this stuff in PS6 !
my favorite video features are being able to edit video within PS and how simple it seems compared to other video editing tools.
Thanks for the information. This will be very useful to me. So often you come up with just what I need.
I really like the idea of using 3D in the video.
getting some great ideas would love to get cs6 or psw tickets
WOW, you guys make the video look easy. Maybe I'm not intimidated anymore. Now if I could only win a free copy of CS6......
the video stuff looks really cool. I'll have to try it out at some point.
Layer styles on video clips looks pretty promising, very nice stuff.
My favorite video feature in CS6 is the Ease of use! CS6 has come a long way since CS5. Ease of use is VERY important especially since PS is such a large "Does Everything" Program with so many features and options. Thank you Adobe! And thank you NAPP for everything you do for us photographers, love you guys!
Love how you can incorporate the 3D text with video!
Video is cool. It almost makes you want to come up with some stuff to try. I'm assuming you can export out and take over in after effects.
Man! Is there any way to turn off the email I get for EVERY post here?
Corey rocks the new video mode....
I can see that there will now be PS CS6 users who will be found starved to death at their computer because there are now too many things that they can do with CS6 at their computer rather than find time to get up to go eat...
Absolutely love the 3D in video. I have some perfect projects waiting for this.
NOW I know why I am a member of NAPP. NOWHERE else can you see/learn with this type of training. So appreciate today's PS CS6 Video training (Day 4). That in itself SOLD me on PS CS6. THANK YOU ~Roz Fruchtman
The video editing in CS6 is Freakin' Awesome! I love the ability to make a video from your 3D text. What a great way to make a cool title slide/video clip for a slideshow or video! Cooooool!!!!
I defy anyone to say they are an expert in PS CS5 now with video.
You had me at Timeline Trimming!
My favorite feature is being able to animate a still photo (zooming, etc.) and incorporate it into the video footage.
Can video be exported to DVD to be played in a DVD player or do you need Premiere for that?
You guys are awesome!!! I don't do video, but now I want to. I'm not only going to have to upgrade to CS6, but also upgrade my D300 to a D800.
my favorite feature of video is what corey and pete went over. i want to edit some graphics and vectors and add some sound. What a cool improvement! I want a copy of PS6 :)
The video features built in are CRAZY!
I'm even more excited about the video feature in CS6
Never thought of using Photoshop for basic videos before, so I'd have to say all of the new features are awesome!
Loved all the video features and plan to use them with Cloud CS6
I absolutely love the video aspect! I can't wait to get my copy of CS6 - pick me, please!
The 3D video animation Corey did was awesome and I can definitely see a use for that.
3D on day 5! Can't wait!!
WOW, Video in Photoshop is so cool, and RC is like a kid in a candy store!
Transitions ... you make thinks look so easy ; ) I have owned my 60d for almost two years .. did not know what to do with the videos ... Love the idea of two videos .. one big picture .. one instant replay! Would love to go to PSW ..have not been to vegas in 30+ years! Imagaine the ideas I could leave with ... love this! Can you use LR as well?? Like you can make small files ... so now I am broke .. need PS6 as well .. I am going to use daughters skating ..with examples of her jumps/spins as an replay .. great ideas! Can't wait till tomorrow!
I'm inspired to take video
Great webinar - 3D animation (Corey) was mind blowing. Can't wait for CS6
dude! I can't believe that! Nice!
sheesh, now I have to calm my imaginationso I can finish the work day. So exciting !!!!
Wish there were more CS6 events in Pittsburgh ;( Thinking a NAPP membership would be nice ;)
Video - something I'll be adding to my skill set!
looking forward to Concepsion's class on video. Great Show
Video features cool, thanks Adobe......but thanks to you guys for showing us on easy it is to use! NAPP is cool
This is to cool. I will have to start to shooting video now.
Hmmmmm.....too many things to pick as favorite....probably the 3D stuff
Text capabilities in Video is my favorite feature!
Wow! Video... I'll never get any sleep. Really like the pic on pic feature.
What an amazing show. I can't wait for the Kelby training videos. I love how easy it looks to play with.
The video features are amazing! I may have to play with video/still features for slide shows
Action/tool recording is cool, and the fact that you can use layer styles and adjustment layers on video!
Loved how you overlapped videos (like PIP) and incorporate 3D content. Awesome session you guys! Glad I joined NAPP!
The improvements to the video handling are awesome. Corey's demo of the 3D effects just totally blew my mind. Can't wait for his 3D deep dive tomorrow.
you've inspired me to play with video some more.
Thanks for the great video webinar! Great job!
Like the use of layers to modify video lighting
This webcast was OUTSTANDING! I plan to rewatch....I really understand NOW the value of being able to edit video within PhotoShop CS6. I need some NAPP training and PSW!!
The 3D capabilities in CS6 are incredible. Thanks Corey, RC & Pete for showing us all this. Now if I can win a copy I can execute all these things you showed today :-) You guys inspired me today!
I would love to see how to cut out sections of video rather than just trim. RC called it "time ripple" if im not mistaken.
Favourite video feature? Ooooh!!! It has to be the keyframing of Layer styles! And of course the way a video layer can be made into a Smart layer! Thanks for the awesome webcast today!
Not having to use Premiere or After Effects, is my favorite feature.
I love adding the photos to the video with the Ken Burns effect!
I don't know were to start. I guess all of it was so great.
Great session! I have an order in for a D800 and was wondering what I would do with the video component. You've got my wheels spinning!
Another great show! PS6's video and 3D is stupid cool! Looks like PS6 is in my future - especially if I win a copy!
normally my husband is the video guy but this looks so easy-was blown away by all the effects you can add to a simple video-great webinar.
Great webinar! Working with video in CS6 looks cool. I've never done anything with video before. I look forward to tomorrow's webinar. Even though I did win a 1 year NAAP renewal, I'd love to win a copy of CS6! Does anyone know if it's the standard or extended edition?
Please choose me for the free CS6. So much to learn - so little time!
I'm inspired to use the video feature in my DSLR now.
Loved this one...I haven't done any video at all, this is a great start! Thanks all of you who put it on!
Again, thanks to the Photoshop Guys for the video and information. Incredible resource for all of us. Keep it up.
Well, I guess it is time to learn video.
Bring on the prizes! I like how you can easily export out to the file/resource you need (youtube, vimeo, etc.). Looking forward to more tomorrow! Thanks guys!
Corey knows his stuff. All the other photoshop guys are great and everything, but Corey takes it to the next level in my opinion.
Another great webcast thanks guys!
That was a very cool show. I haven't done very much with video, but this was a great overview of the new features. I think the Color Lookup really changed my mind about whether I'd use CS6 or iMovie for a project. Now I'm looking forward to a foundation video class on KT for those of us who are starting from the beginning.
Wow this is an awsome feature I can't wait to start shooting videos on my DSLR for my family and make it look as cool as you guys did, totally Cool!!! I can't wait to get my copy of CS6.
I'm a total novice when it comes to video, and I didn't think I would have much use for the video features in CS6. But after watching your webinar, I'm inspired to give it a try. Thanks, guys.
This was great. I got to purchase a real camera.
CS6 would really help me get ahead. If I was able to win. I could afford a new machine. So far I can't do any of the 3D stuff. Machine won't handle it. I know will have the same problem with video. I hate my creativity being impair by money. Please help.
I love that you can use an editing program that you already know, instead of trying to learn Premiere or some other program...
Love the video features, I can make some killer slide shows now, easily. Thanks for the tips.
Every once in awhile I want to clip the bad parts of my videos out and splice two videos together. You made it look so easy! I'm definitely going to give it a whirl!
Love the simplicity of video editing...sometimes you just want to quickly edit without all the overhead. Will NAPP perhaps start a series of tutorials with proper ways to take video with the DSLR's and editing?
Is there any real reason NOT to be a NAPP member. Best $99.00 I spend every year. I get that money back in two months on "no shipping" charges from B & H.
great show! can't wait to watch rebroadcast and start playing around with video
What's really cool is the deal for Creative Cloud, Less than $30/month is unbeatable.
Thanks for the webinar. The video stuff looks great, in retrospect though I agree with +Pete Collins that it's the new easier to understand UI which is the best feature of CS6.
I'm just beginning to introduce video along with photography in my event coverage and am stoked to see how easy it is to integrate both video and still shots into projects. This will save me loads of time and boost the quality of the end product for my clients! Super enhancements here.
Wow! You guys rock! CS6 is really adding more features for designers - so needed. Corey's 3D video was spectacular! - I am curious to know if you can add a moving background (animation or video) to the 3D video?
Excellent 3D demo Corey. Looking forward to tomorrow's session.
I've recently purchased
Canons 7D but didn't know much about developing the video. Thanks for the great lesson. I hope you have more lessons on NAPP.
John Delahunt
Outstanding addition to Photoshop
These have been some great information videos. Would love to make it to the BIG SHOW in
I'm just starting to learn simple video editing...CS 6 looks promising.
Love the 3d editing features. CB is brilliant
That was awesome. Looking forward to the 3D info.
The video fetures look great, especially for photographers starting with video.
I personally missed the info on video in CS6 until this amazing presentation today by the boys.
I LOVE = TOOL RECORDING. And I love Color Look up.
Actually the are way too many things to love in this build of CS6.
Very good webinar. I am not a video person but it makes me want to start creating and editing videos. Everything built into one program is great and it all seems to simple to learn and play around with. My favorite part of video would be having the ability to record your own drawings and put it into a video. Then can combine it with other footage and animating 3d text and not having 500 transitions/fades to filter through. Adding videos on top of a video would have a lot of great uses as well. Big upgrade.
Awesome video presentation! I've got a lot to learn.
Finally I can play with my long forgotten videos !!
Even as a Premiere Pro user looking forward to using all the CS6 tools on my video clips. Developing 3D sequences in CS6 as Corey showed to then include in finished videos looks awesome.
Love the Video features and how easy photoshop makes it.. don't even have to use a different program. Love the color look up!
Great show. This is the first time I think I can dive into this video thing!
I just bought the CS 5.5 Suite with upgrade through the NAPP site and the savings was substantial, now I just got some incredible training how awesome is that? Membership pays for itself the minute you use the opportunities made available through the website. Great job guys.
Loved the Webcast, Great job as always. CS6 video is outstanding. To narrow it down to 1 favorite feature is hard. It is a toss up between the ability to edit the video clips (adjustments and effects, such as color, B & W, etc) and the overall ease in adding and clipping the video clips on the timeline. If I want to make a short video project, CS6 is my answer. Thank you for sharing.
If possible, please talk a little more about the Creative Cloud tomorrow.
Thank you! I love the text animation with "camera zoom".
I thought I could learn all this on my own BUT learning this Video material in CS6 by RC just agave me a reason to join Kelby Training.
I think the best feature for video is the ability to treat it like a regular layer and apply layer masks, layer styles and etc..
Kerry F
I am stoked to try video now. I never have been before. TY!
Great overview. The video options will save us from purchasing different software as we just want to edit simple videos.
Loving that NAPP is always showing us all the new features of the new versions of Photoshop and showing us what is possible to achieve with the projects we want to work on. Great webinar showing us how we can use video and incorporate it into our creative designs. Thanks Guys!
Favorite video feature is the color tables. That is so cool to be able to give a feel to the video so easily!!!
The capability to use layers during editing is my favorite video feature. It notches up the creativity by at least an order of magnitude. And, having the video feature like this in CS6 is as big an innovation as was adding the capture of video to the DSLR three years ago.
Kerry F
This is killing me - I see a year of paid training coming to NAPP from another happy member :)
can't wait to see coreys 3d show i don't know how he will keep it to an hour
I really enjoyed the webcasts and learned a lot. Looking forward to Friday's show. 3D!!
Thank you for your entertaining and enlightening show! I think my wallet will be enlightened soon also now. lol.
I am a NAPP member and also Kelby Training subscriber and I have to say it's the best investment I've made for learning and ideas. These guys and gals know their stuff and make it so easy to learn. It's been so valuable to me. I recommend it to anyone!!!!
Video in Cs6 really seems to make more sense and opens up so many creative opportunities. Thanks for the show!
Once again I am blown away with the new CS6! The video is exactly what I needed for my newest project and thanks to todays webinar I am ready to start right away....
So many cool changes from CS5 to CS6! Today's show was very enlightening! love the effects, and Cory realy blew my mind with his 3D lettering effect for video! WOW!
That's it! When CS6 launches I'm upgrading - you guys have sold me on video - what a cool presentation! Does your passion ever fade, Guys? Brilliant!
I haven't done an upgrade since CS3 so I'm do, but the Content aware and 3d stuff looks great, I just downloaded the beta cs6 and it looks amazing and the stuff that Matt, and RC are showing us is definitely cool! I'd love to win a copy of CS6, that would be amazing!
Awesome webcast guys! Yesterday was great too.... Can't wait for the 3D stuff! =D
Great Webcast Guys. If I must only choose 1 feature, I think the expanded 3D is at the top. to be able to do much of what I used to do in Strata 3D, from within PS CS6 is amazing. The tool recorder and the timeline video editing are also great, though.
Great show! I love the capabilities that CS6 is bringing to video! Since I'm new to taking videos on my DSLR and don't want to purchase an expensive video software, CS6 looks to be able to do all that I need. WOULD LOVE TO WIN IT!
Great overview on the new things you can do with video in Photoshop CS6. I like how easy it is to add pan and zoom effects to still photographs that have been added to a video project. Thanks RC, Corey, and Pete!
I have only been able to watch parts of the webcasts. I'm back at CS4 at home so going to CS6 would be quite a jump. I do like the overall simplified video editing with its straightforward and graphical layout. I particularly like the extended flexibility for handling type.
The new video features are an EXCELLENT addition to CS6! <3
3D is always cool, especially when added to video!
This webinar was terrific. I never even considered doing video until today. I have become a CS6 believer
Is this where I add a comment to enter the CS6 webinar contest?
Video in Photoshop CS6 is very exciting. Like the ability to use adjustment layers to video clips. Corey rocks in 3D.
I'm new to video in PS, but CS6 seems like it'll make the transition pretty smooth and intuitive for me to learn. Of course NAPP has a lot to do with helping us all learn Photoshop and become better photographers and graphic designers. Thank you for everything! And great show guys, enjoyed it very much!
I agree: Adjustment Layers in Video Clips- AWESOME! 
I liked the ability to enhance video in Photoshop CS6, oh...and the ability to work in 3D, that was really cool!
This makes me excited about video. Up till now, I've concentrated mainly on still photography, but now I'm entering an exciting new realm of creative expression thanks to this Webinar! Thank You NAPP! 
Shoot, I mostly missed it today. Saw a little bit. The ease of use for video in CS6 looks fantastic!
I love the publish features available for video! And the Layer organization. 
I think I finally found where to add a comment to enter the contest. I simply like that video is now in a program I am familiar with, but still I'm overwhelmed being a still shooter. I sure could use CS6 or a ticket to PSW LV, DEFINITELY on my must attend list for the first time. I am a NAPP addict and I've been clean for about 4 seconds. Jock Goodman
Thanks for all of the CS6 information! The video features are great. Wow and adjustment layers also way too cool.
This is where you comment to enter the contest!
I am so excited to try out the video portion in Photoshop! If I can ever find a way to get CS6... But it sounds like an amazing feature!
Thanks for the Photoshop CS6 video webinar.

-- Trim features, adding video files and images to the timeline
-- Transitions, exports with device supports
-- Animating text, adding audio

It's amazing that you can treat a video layer as a photo layer, adding adjustments and styles. SO cool!
Hope there will be more video tuts at NAPP. Thanks.
Not sure about video in PS but would like to see some additional layer masks and filters on the video to give idea of what is possible.
would love to win Photoshop World Pass
I've been asking NAPP to add some video tutorials since HD FIRST came out on dslr's. . Now that most of us have it on our camera, what da heck do we do with it? Mostly got "we do photos not video" type answers ....thanks for the webinar, but I'm gonna need a LOT MORE. Will Scott's typical book "CS6 for photogs" cover the video or will that be another book and who will write it and WHEN CAN I GET IT? I REALLY appreciate the learning I get from NAPP. Put me on the reminder list when it/they come out. NAPP member for years JG
I love being able to now combine video clips, plus the editing features.
Amazed by the video functionality that's a part of PS CS6. Really gets those creative juices flowing!
Adding Styles and Adjustment Layers to Video Clips is Huge Feature, def one my fav's! What do you think? It's hard to choose a fab feature from CS6, they are all so Great! But, would have to side with the ability to add Layer Styles and Layer Adjustments to Video Clips! Was a toss up between that and the new Content Aware Features.
Absolutely would die to get CS6! One can only dream......
Great job on the video tuts today!! Great to know that you can use curves adjustments on frame clips... CS6 is a great upgrade. Dislike the grey background your locked into feels a bit claustrophobic, HELP lemme outta this little grey room!! Lookin' forward to 3D tomorrow.
They sure packed so many new things in this version. Cant wait to get it. Not a member of NAPP but I am sure impressed with what they have done. Got me looking at the membership.
Looking forward to the faster response with the Mercury Graphics Engine. And just love the New Content-Aware features, CS6 is a game changer!
I would say that being able to use Layer Styles on video is the most exciting thing for me. I am certainly going to start shooting a lot more video with this available in CS6 (especially being available in the standard version!! - Thank you Adobe!).
Having video in CS6 Standard is thrilling to me. AND, all the things you can do with it is exceptional! I'll be doing much more video now for sure!
TJ Bree
Good Show. I wonder if third party plugins would work
After all this great info I cannot wait to start with the new CS6
I so excited about CS6! I'm a graphic designer/photographer...CS6 is going be a major plus in my creativity! I've always been intimidated about I want to do it....thanks guys for the 6 days....wish there was more!
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