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I tried yesterday, to renew my NAPP membership, but both my personal and business debit cards were denied.  The bank says it was a glitch in the processing at the site.  I spent more than 3 HOURS on the phone with the bank trying to straighten that out.  This morning I went back to try to purchase a 2 yr renewal, but when I do, it doesn't give me a will only give me a discount for 1 yr.  I then tried to call, but the phone just continues to ring incessantly, no answer whatsoever at either the 800 number or the 813 number.  It should NOT be this difficult to renew a membership for goodness sake! there NO ONE who can simply help me renew my membership?  I tried AGAIN to renew through the website before this cyber deal is over, and it goes to the checkout with $0 and won't let me buy it.  What the heck?
Hey sorry for the delay in answering. Please call this number 1 (800) 738-8513

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