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M. Stephen Lukac
Listen to Who's In Your Head . . .
Listen to Who's In Your Head . . .

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What do a ronin,a Wiccan,a Holocaust victim,an ex-cop,a french dandy,a teenager & a Mage have in common?They're dead -

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Read this now! All the things DaVinci Code and its clones could have been but weren't. It's been a long time since I enjoyed a novel this much.

If my life were a TV series,today would be the epic, season-finale cliffhanger. No pressure, right?

Watching the Bee Gees on PBS and I don't care who knows it . . .

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What Exactly Is Oogie Boogie Central? Find out here-

Angels & Demons? Call them by their true names: Inspiration & Doubt. I wrestle with both on a daily basis, but I'm trying . . .

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First, they did it to me & mine. Then, to all my friends who remained. But most of all, they did it to themselves. Sadly, the perpetrators of this atrocity will not suffer like the ones who generated their inflated salaries.

More's the pity. . .

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This is a great service for all the Indie authors out there. . .

As Lexy flies home today:

"Lead us toward peace, emplace our footsteps toward peace, guide us toward peace, and make us reach our desired destination for life, gladness, and peace . . ."
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