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Lillian Lin
It's because I'm Asian, isn't it?
It's because I'm Asian, isn't it?
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As per usual I'm so. Freaking. Tired

Oh my god this tea is orgasmic

Isn't it great how my dad hasn't even once offered to help pay for college applications even when he knew I was doing them? Please note the sarcasm.

I need a hobby

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This... I am okay with this

I love how my facebook friends are the cynics... and my google+ friends are the intelligent crowd... yet I write opposite of that on each social network

Why are saltine crackers and toffee a thing?

So tired... and hungry... all the time

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This... I should start doing this so I don't have to hear it anymore

So yeah... I just watched future diary... I have to read the manga now... I HAVE to...
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