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Food and Fire for Life
Food and Fire for Life


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Mushroom and Lemon Fettuccini
I’ve recently made
the conversion from supermarkets to weekend markets in Chinatown, partly to
economise, but mostly for freshness. This is one recipe
born from my market trawls that uses simple and fresh ingredients. Ingredients 2 large field
mushrooms 200...
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Radicchio and Crispy Basil Potato Salad with Caramlised Pickling Onions and Pancetta
A quick weeknight assault on your senses.  Ingredients Serves 2 250g
radicchio leaves 2
-3 potatoes, thinly sliced 100
– 200g pancetta, cut 5
– 7 pickling onions 1
tbsp butter 1
tbsp honey 1
tbsp brown sugar ¼
cup olive oil 1
tbsp basil ½
lemon, juiced Salt...
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Homemade Gnocchi with Roasted Pumpkin and Garlic Cream Sauce
The rain was endless yesterday so I decided to make a
recluse of myself and spend the afternoon inside with Billie Holiday, wine, a
huge bath and a night of making gnocchi. All that is missing from this picture
is at least 10 cats, and then I would be a spi...
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Grilled Eggplant and Chilli Lemon Pasta, topped with Gorgonzola, Cranberries and Hazelnuts
First of all, apologies for being completely negligent of my
food. The last few months have been a time of so much change - the closing of
chapters and opening of beautiful French doors into a world of new highs and
lows,. Ha. When life gives you lemons, to...
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Gnocchi with Buttered Crab and Brussel Sprout Leaves
In an ode to one of my favourite restaurants in New York, Tartin, I have braved homemade gnocchi,
served with buttered crab and brussel leaves. Tartin remains a West Village
institution serving homemade pastries and a masterpiece menu by Chef Thierry
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Creole Herb Battered Flathead with Parsnip and Wilted Spinach Puree, served with Charred Corn.
Part of growing with my blog and keeping myself interested
and not overwhelmed by endless culinary technique is to keep learning myself.
Today I learnt the art of the Parsnip Puree. Parsnip is a root vegetable, closely related to the carrot. It’s
creamy, ri...
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Roti Pizza with Kale, Anchovies and Bocconcini
I have just returned home from a trip to New York and am
withdrawing from NY pizza. There is a beautiful difference in taste between NY
pizza and pizza we have here in Australia. Not to mention you can find slices
at Papa Joe’s for $1.00. That’s right, $1.0...
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Cinnamon Caramelised Fig with Salted Pistachios
Tis’ the season for figs! They are becoming more accessible
and used in everyday dishes at home, but they have been cultivated for
thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Middle East. I’ve had a lot of amazing fig salads over summer and I
wanted to m...
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Risoni Pasta with Charred Cauliflower, Peas and Pancetta
This is a simple warm pasta salad flavoured with fresh flat
leafed parsley, thyme and good thickened cream. I love easy weeknight dinners that have all the benefits of a labour intensive meal. This pasta is perfect for spring afternoons with a bottle of win...
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Chorizo Tapas Four Ways
A spiced chickpea and
chorizo salad with cumin and cardamom Hot sauce baked
potatoes rubbed in chorizo oil and roasted garlic Sticky and sweet vinaigrette
glazed chorizo on salted avocado mash Baked field mushroom
stuffed with panko breadcrumbs, chorizo and...
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