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Pablo Picasso, Rothkos, Rilkes
Pablo Picasso, Rothkos, Rilkes

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"What's happening now isn't a protest or, as Darcus Howe put it, an 'insurrection' — it's a nervous breakdown. A riot is a weapon of last resort; a cry for help; a public form of self-harming. It pays for short-term catharsis with long-term pain."

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Gifs still work on this thing?

Coaching everyone's favourite guest list interviewee and Altered Zones alumni, John Maus, on Twitter etiquette. Just another exciting day in the life.

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Love the slow reveal in this scene.

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Sitting on a couch.

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'The only gripe I have with Louise Mensch is that she still supports criminalisation of the drugs trade. As such she is saying that young people such as her former self should have their lives ruined by a criminal conviction, and possible custodial sentence. Would her life have panned out in the same way with such a tarnish on her record? If not then how can she condone this happening to other people? In supporting criminalisation she sadly defends a policy that has failed to effectively tackle addiction rates, or associated criminal behaviour.'

This'll be ignored in the shadow of Mensch's witty response and the blackmail-y tone of the Jones' original email, but he's got a point and Mensch should address it.

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ART NEWS: Ai Weiwei Speaks via Google+


Since Google+ was not part of his deal with the Chinese government to STFU, Ai Weiwei has broken his imposed silence. Judging from the volume of yesterday's g+ comments, his wry humor has brought a degree of delight to Weiwei's circlers and to many who oppose political oppression.

Follow Ai Weiwei's Google+ page:

Read: *Testing the Boundaries: Ai Weiwei Speaks via Google+ *
VIDEO: CultureGrrl Video of Asia Society show
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Some words on that really good St. Vincent song.

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Pack up your stuff, 2011.

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