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Katie Jam
Too much time on the internet, too little time sleeping, and just about the right amount of time showering.
Too much time on the internet, too little time sleeping, and just about the right amount of time showering.

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Finally feeling like I'm getting "back on track" after moving over Christmas/New Year's (NEVER AGAIN). I've scheduled my first class at my new Crossfit gym. And today for breakfast: scrambled eggs with oregano and basil, unsweetened almond meal pancakes topped with peaches I canned this summer, and black tea.

A friend linked me to this through tumblr:
Bleh, the stuff of nightmares. Good things to watch right before bed.

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Along with the cosplay, gaming, partying, and excellent shows that we've always had, POC V has a rapidly growing #Minecraft presence. I saw that someone even invited deadmau5 to Play On Con on twitter! This year is going to be fantastic- you can check out the facebook invitation here.

I'm glad I am back in Birmingham, but, wow! I miss the burners! And I hate doing all these damn dishes! And I have no idea when I can get my laundry done! Or my homework! And if you're wanting to see pictures, hell, I have no clue when those will come off of my camera! But this was the best burn I have ever had. It was full of golden glorious moments, from the FA dome (which was, like, six hours of moments!) to operating a propane flame thrower while I was dressed as Tinkerbell. Greeting people at the gate, lighting the lamps at night, watching the Effigy go up in flames, waiting for the Temple to burn: My "real life" is beautiful enough, but life at a burn is off the charts, beyond anything I can explain.

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Usually, I hate these. And I actually hate the first 30 seconds of this, mostly because I can't hear it and those are personal words, etc. But my geeky little heart leapt at the end.

Alternatively: NERRRRRDS.

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It is Bad-Ass Lady (Possibly of Flexible Morality) Week. “If you had fought like a man, you need not have been hang’d like a dog.”

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Hillary's POC experience gives me the warm fuzzies. <3 Also check out that Susan Sto Helit costume. Aw, yeah.

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Here, take a look at some really fun Play On Con pictures!
So much fun this year! Here's a glimpse into the good times!
Play On Con 2011 (30 photos)
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I think I should make some mini cards to hand out to people at conventions. I met so many folks I'd like to keep in contact with. Any thoughts on design and what info I should include?

I won't always add people I know to my circles, and it has nothing to do with liking or disliking them. I can see why most people want to move everything over here, but a number of family members are new to fb and I feel like I should continue to maintain a presence there. And if people post everything simultaneously to fb and + (and sometimes twitter), I don't want to wade through a shitton of double (or triple!) posts about daily minutiae when I am checking social media. And if I complain about other people doing that, then I certainly can't engage in that kind of hypocrisy. So don't get mad if I haven't yet put you in a circle.
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