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Flossy Bobbin
Just a girl from sunny wales who loves to craft and stitch :)
Just a girl from sunny wales who loves to craft and stitch :)

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Mario Sampler Finished!
Woohoo! I have another finish to report! This one has taken me far longer than it should have but as I mentioned in a previous post I have this weird block when it comes to stitching my own designs. Without further ado, here's my completed Mario Sampler: I ...

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Some Stitchy Stuff :)
After finishing Woodland Sampler I decided to pick up Angel of Summer (L&L) for a bit and see how far I could get, here's my before and after pics From this: To this: Really pleased with my progress on this and I'm hoping I can keep going with it until it's...

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Woodland Sampler Finished! :D
Hooray! My first finish of the new year! This is Woodland Sampler by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, here are the last two squares filled in: And here is the whole sampler: I'm so pleased with this one, time to go frame shopping when I get paid, or maybe a hange...

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Stitchy bug is back!
Although I have been stitching off and on I can feel the obsession coming back in force now. Although the motivation is still lacking, my pace is picking up a bit and I'm spending hours looking at potential stash online sigh Anyway I had a look through my...

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New Shop Pattern - Hi Robot!
Hello all! I've created a new little pattern and listed it on the Etsy today: Hi Robot! (He's saying "hi" in binary - gave me a giggle anyway) I'm determined to have a whole collection of robot patterns, they're so cute and fun to stitch. I made this one in...

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Stitchy update & more goodies!
Since finishing my halloween sampler I've been struggling to decide what to focus on next, I decided to get a page of my HAED finished while I was thinking about it :) Here's what the finished design will look like

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At last, a finish!
Hi all, sorry again for not blogging regularly but I haven't really had much to report until today. I've finally got something finished, my L*K Mystery Halloween Sampler, woohoo! I decided to finish it as a hanging and chose some cute halloween fabric to ba...
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