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I've named my pool 'A-khan' and yesterday I had to shock A-khan.

Another band name. This one inspired by my post-flu congestion: Viscous Mucous.

Found dead rodent in pool filter providing awesome band name: Skimmer Mouse.

Whereas Kennedy said we do hard things because they are hard, Donald J. Trump says we don't do hard things because they are too hard.

Despite the constant negative press #covfefe. #AndThenTheMurdersBegan

I'm definitely dressing as #Covfefe for Haloween!

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This. is. Awesome. "A Message for Donald Trump from Former Mexican President Vicente Fox" on YouTube

Saw a lady on the sidewalk, faced away, perfectly still until I got near; she started walking as if on cue; I thought of The Truman Show…

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And you thought Swedish Fish Oreos were a bad idea...

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