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Intro to Genealogy Research 101
The first step of genealogy is to figure out your goal. Are you interested just to see who your immigrant/furthest-back ancestors are, or are you also interested in the lives of all the people in between?  When I was young and new to genealogy, I was all ab...

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My Irish Immigrant
Before this month, I had only one census for Michael Warde, who was born in Ireland, and two for his wife (also born in Ireland.) Both in San Francisco, and the first showing that the eldest daughter was born in Canada, and the next in California 2 years la...

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Genetic Genealogy & DNA Link Roundup - 20 Feb '14
Epigenetics: Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes  Your ancestors' lousy childhoods or excellent adventures might change your personality, bequeathing anxiety or resilience by altering the epigenetic expressions of genes in the brain. Phobias ma...

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A Pilgrimage to Ellis Island!
I spent the week around New Year's in NYC with friends. I've been there many times, but somehow, I had not yet been to Ellis Island. So, I drug two of them, somewhat unwillingly (unexcited, at the very least) and OFF WE WENT! :D EXCITED AMEYA. ^ First off, ...

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Paleography makes my brain hurt (so good).
A large part of genealogy is reading old documents. The problem is, that shi* is hard. The good part is, that means that if we study it and master it, people will pay us to read things for them! And that shi* is awesome. But the learning process, man. I lov...

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Genealogy Goals for 2014
Personal Goals: Get my mother's, son's, & paternal aunt's (my father passed away a long time ago) DNA tested . And possibly my paternal uncle's DNA as well if I can get back in touch with him. Get my paternal grandmother's copy of Final Verdict by  Adela Ro...

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Ameya Warde commented on a post on Blogger.
Ooh, I love these, and awesome to see yours, Caitlin! 
Also EXCUUUUUUSE me. An "under 25" category? You are getting a serious 26-year-old glare rn. ;)
under 30-35* 
I promise, 30 year olds aren't as old as they seem when you're 22. Haha. x)

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YES! As a huge fangirl, I couldn't agree more!
"Fandoms exist in every kind and variety--Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Twi-hards, Nerdfighters, and all the rest. The people involved are genuinely smart and funny, and they love connecting with people online for stuff they care about. More than anything else, they appreciate a good story, which is why they dedicate significant amounts of time to their chosen fandoms. And I would argue that young people in fandoms would make excellent genealogists, even if they don't realize it."
Getting Started: Why You Should
I feel like part of the reason that more young people aren't into genealogy is because young people have this very real unwillingness to do anything "uncool." If your friends aren't doing it, then it must be weird, and if it's weird then it's not okay to do...

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Video Post: Genealogy Meme from Geniaus
Stealing the idea of doing this via videa from Catie ( Genealogically Speaking & Young & Savvy ), I, too, have made a video of my answers to Jill's ( Geniaus ) genealogy meme. I ended up talking a bit more about my family than intended, so pardon the length...
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