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In this article, I discuss what it takes to run a virtual summit including how to get influencers to speak at your summit, tips on promoting, etc.
Virtual summits can be a great way to grow your audience while collaborating with and helping out influencers. However, they are a ton of work and require careful planning to pull off effectively.

I recently went through the process of hosting my own summit and here are some steps I took to get influencers to agree to speak at it, prepare promotional materials and more.

1. Pick a niche and summit name - Pick a niche that is not too broad and not too narrow.

2. Build a list of potential speakers - Since summits take up more time, expect to get a lot of people declining your invitation. I reached out to around 100 potential speakers on my first outreach to get my first dozen speakers.

3. Promote the summit - There are many ways to promote a summit, but one good way is to get affiliates that will promote it in exchange for commissions from the All Access Pass. If you build a great summit with great speakers, it will be easier to get affiliates to promote.

More details below.

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A few thoughts on why solo bloggers outperform companies in terms of influence, even starting with no experience or marketing budget.
One interesting fact about influencers is that many influencers started with no money or experience and were able to successfully compete with and out-influence companies with multi-million dollar marketing budgets and teams. I thought about this and wrote an article detailing some of the reasons that solo bloggers are able to outperform more experienced and better funded businesses when it comes to influence and also provide some ideas that people and businesses can use to improve their results.

A few reasons below:
1. Solo bloggers are self driven - The inner drive to succeed leads them to put more time and effort into their success.

2. Solo bloggers are more entrepreneurial - This leads them to try new things and get results whereas company bloggers are more focus on writing.

3. Successful solo bloggers focus more on relationships - Relationships lead to collaboration and more engagement.

Read the full article:

#influence #contentmarketing #blogging
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I reached out and got responses from 30 bloggers on how they grew their audience and got their first 1000 email subscribers.
One big challenge that many businesses face is growing their email list. I reached out to several influencers and 30 of them shared their stories on what they did to get their first 1000 subscribers.

A few popular tips:

1. Create an opt-in bonus so good that people are willing to pay for it. But give it away for free to subscribers.
2. Use guest posting to drive traffic to your landing page.
3. Drive leads through Twitter and social media.

Read the full article below for more details.
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My article on how I was able to land $10k in freelance projects in one month.
One of the biggest struggles that freelancers face is getting projects on an ongoing basis. In this article, I discuss how I was able to land over $10,000 in freelance projects in one month.

One of my best tips is to do selling and marketing consistently, even if you feel busy. A big mistake I see people making is not being consistent with lead generation.

Read the full article below.
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Payment processors that you can use to collect online payments for various products and services, including video courses, recurring subscriptions, digital downloads and more.
Selling products and services online is easier now than ever before. I compiled this list of online payment processors when I was researching options for selling my own products and services online and compiled them into this article.

Here are a few things you can sell online and payment solutions to go with them:
1.* Video courses* - Udemy, Teachable

2. Ecommerce - Shopify, Woocommerce Subscriptions

3. Recurring payments - Chargify, Chargebee

Click below for the full list and questions to ask before selecting a payment processor.

#payment #ecommerce
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10 Tips for Email outreach for content promotion
I've done a good amount of email outreach, including outreach for content promotion and in this article, I cover a few tips that most marketing bloggers don't mention. Here are a few:

1. Validate your email list - Even if you use a good email finding tool, use a tool like Kickbox to validate the email addresses you are sending to. This will reduce undeliverable emails and reduce the chances of your account getting flagged.

2. Add context - A lot of cold emails seem generic and don't include relevant information like how it's relevant.

3. Test with a small batch first - Before doing a large scale outreach, do a smaller outreach first to see how people respond. Testing can give you a good idea of whether or not a larger outreach will be worth the time to do.

Read the full article below.

#emailoutreach #contentmarketing #seo
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A couple years ago, I posted a compilation of 100+ keyword research tools. This post contains over 30 tools I've discovered since then.
Keyword research is still an important step in getting search engine traffic to your content, but we all know that Google's tools only provided limited data. I published a big compilation of over 100 keyword research tools on Small Business Ideas Blog awhile back, but created this new post on my other blog with over 31+ keyword tools I've discovered since then.

Here are a few:

1. K-Parser - This tool parses the major search engines for keyword suggestions. You can download the results in a csv file.

2. Term Chase - Term Chase gets keyword data from Google Trends, so it might be a good tool if you are looking for trending topics.

3. Twinword Ideas - Twinword ideas has a unique feature that allows searching by user intent and local areas. It can also display keywords in a visual graph.

#keywordresearch #seo #contentmarketing
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My most recent post with a list of competitor analysis tools.
Monitoring competitors is a smart way to gain insights into how you should market your own business. I created a list of 19 competitor backlink and mention monitoring tools that can help you keep track of your competitors in real time.

Here are some tools you should look into using:

1. Backlink checkers - Links help with SEO, so getting alerted when a competitor gets a new link can be helpful. Tools like Monitor Backlinks and Linkody can do this for you.

2. Mention Monitoring - Tools like Mention can help you detect when your brand name or competitors are mentioned on the web. You can then follow up with an email outreach or social media response.

3. Social Listening Tools - Monitor competitor brand name mentions on social media with tools like Meltwater, Sprout social and more.

Read the full article below.

#backlink #seo #sociallistening
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Why long form content isn't necessarily better than short content.
A lot of marketing blogs advise writing long form content to get more shares and SEO traffic. However, long content isn't necessarily better. This article explains why and here are a few reasons that high traffic blogs are still using short content:

1. TL/DR - 95% of buyers prefer short content over long and people only read 60% of online articles on average. Busy people might be unwilling to read really long articles.

2. Some blogs only want short articles - Some high traffic blogs only accept shorter content for the reason listed above.

3. Time requirement is high - Writing long articles takes a lot longer than writing shorter articles and you can sometimes write multiple short articles in the time it takes to write a really long one. Comparing long articles to short articles is kind of silly because they don't require the same amount of time to create.

Read the full article below.

#contentmarketing #blogging #articlelength
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My latest post reveals 19 webinar software solutions, some articles on which ones are best and tips on how to choose which webinar platform to use.
According to a poll by E-marketer, webinars are one of the top 3 ways that businesses use to generate leads, along with video and case studies. This article reveals 19 popular webinar software platforms and alternatives and a few tips on choosing webinar software.

Here are a few tips:
1. Self hosted solutions can drain your server - Although the one time cost of purchasing webinar software can be appealing, self hosted webinar solutions might not work well with your hosting.

2. Some features to ask about - Automated webinar reminders, one click sell buttons and integration with email software are a few features to ask about.

3. Google Hangouts / YouTube Live - Sometimes webinars that uses these solutions can experience a lag, which means they might not be great for real time webinars.

#webinar #webinarsoftware #onlinemarketing
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