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Jeff Stutzman
Professional Intelligence Analyst, blogger, cyber expert
Professional Intelligence Analyst, blogger, cyber expert

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Morning One at RSA
Leaving the impending Nor'easter behind in Southern NH, after teaching the family how to hook up and start the generator, I boarded a puddle jumper from Manchester to Detroit, and Detroit to San Francisco --the annual trek out here for one of the largest se...

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I'm running a bit late today. I'm preparing for yet another snow storm up here in New Hampshire, crossing my fingers that I'll actually make it out of here tomorrow --heading for San Francisco for RSA. I don't plan on writing a deep blog but thought I'd cov...

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What is Intelligence?
A great paper came out of the Ponema Institute yesterday. It went hand in hand with messaging I'd heard from a CISO earlier this week --"I have so many dashboards, I don't look at any!"  These were his exact words when I asked him "to what extent to you con...

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Lunch talk —Cyber Threat? Business Intelligence? Geopolitical?
I had lunch with a guy in Boston today --a smart dude, and as I ate my bento box and him his tuna maki, we talked about some of the creative ways that I've been wanting to use cyber intelligence data for a long time. As we brainstormed some of the options, ...

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Cyber Security Through the Lens of an Election
Inauguration day has come and gone, giving us some time to reflect on both the previous election process as well as what lies ahead for the next four years. There are a number of parallels between running for office and running a cyber security operation, a...

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Botnets, swarms, operating at scale, sharing notes
"Imagine ubiquitous, intelligent robots collectively performing complex tasks. By combining intric ate algorithms, defined rules, and continuous sensor data, swarm behavior can emerge. Entrepreneurs are using this collaborative intelligence to develop appli...

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Spend money on Insurance or Insights?
A colleague recently circulated  a link to a report  that claims that the cyber insurance market is going to top $14B by 2022. My rather glib response at the time was something to the effect of, “if cyber insurance policies are still a thing by then.” When ...

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2017 and beyond?
I've been a little lazy about running metrics and probabilities on my 2017 predictions. The reason?   It's actually kind of boring! The idea of writing predictions for 2017 is very much like saying "it'll be dark until morning and then it'll be light".  As ...

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2017: The Year of the Better Metaphor?
If the holidays are known for anything, it's heated discussions about the same contentious issues with the same bone-headed relatives who don’t know what they’re talking about; and why did my sister marry that guy; and when grandma is gone I’m never coming ...
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