Making the Open Government Partnership Work

Matt Rosenberg, founder and editor of Public Data Ferret, writes one of the best features to date on the challenges ahead. If you follow #opengov #gov20 and/or #opendata - this is a must-read.

"It’s a time of challenge, and of possibility. Every major development right now on the global political scene – including the financial meltdown in Greece, economic troubles in the U.S., the wave of pro-liberty uprisings in the Arab world, even the little noticed efforts of locals and NGOs to shepherd the tiny West African nation of Guineau-Bissau away from the despotic rule of drug profiteer-kleptocrats – intersects closely with the need for open, honest and accountable government. Because the need is so deep and broad, the Open Government Partnership represents an important attempt to bring a multilateral and official hue to the challenge."

P.S. As they say here on the Interwebs, "read the whole thing."
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