PIE Status report

PIE can be attached to any side now. not just the bottom. You get to decide which via setting. What you see in the video below is just a test, it makes no sense to have all sides enabled. Hopefully we find a way to do it on the spot by drag and drop, that would be quite nice.

IME issues should be gone. It can draw over anything now - or so it seems until now.

Sub-pies are coming up, we would like to combine certain settings (menu, Google-Now, notifications, settings) in a third button that unrolls these options.

We are currently searching for ways and means to access the notificationdrawer withing the extended desktop mode. It is likely we will also use the free screenspace for informations that circle in while you hold, we're thinking battery, time, date, etc.

If you're running maguro, +Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo is very busy atm re-vamping hybrid engine to something truly awesome. I hope he finds time soon.
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