HALO10, first public BETA

This is one of the last few releases before source goes out. Hopefully this weekend.

Basically HALO has been rewritten from scratch to fight against the occasional jank. It should be WAY smoother now, except under heavy load (multitask apps starting up).

New gestures to dimiss notifications or hide HALO on the spot.

Apps going back home or refusing to open up in floating state should be fixed once and for all. HALO officially should work for each and every app on your system.

+Francisco Franco wants to add this:
"There have been changes on the Nexus 4 Kernel stack that manage the GSM signal for relability. Also take note that a bunch of carriers had problems in the last 1/2 weeks which also have been compromising some of you, so not everything could've been caused by software. Also we recommend you to upgrade to the latest .54 radio." Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2087227

I just uploaded mine (MAKO), i can't say when others will follow.

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