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Praveen Kumar Pendyala
A computer geek and a gadget freak !
A computer geek and a gadget freak !

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First snow fall experience :)

How to be tester?

1. Join this community first
2. Open
and hit "Become a tester"

...and now you are an alpha tester. Please report any force closes you encounter so that we can take a look and fix them.

Thanks for your interest.

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For alpha test access

To be a beta tester,
1. Join this group and
2. Opt-in here :

Both 1 & 2 are MANDATORY to become a beta tester. I appreciate your interest.

In the unlikely event, because I made it, of force close, select "report" NOT close! - It wouldn't make sense of being here otherwise!

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Home :)

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What's your strongest number system?

Can you unlock the Linus Torvalds achievement?

Tap and find out :)

#android #game #timepass

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Now get your Beagle display on Android device.

Google Summer of code final report. Thanks to +Vladimir Pantelic +Vlad Ungureanu and Beagle GSoC team for all the mentoring, help and support. #gsoc14

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Full screen :)

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Playing an episode of South Park :)

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